Tamar Braxton Brings the Laughs on ‘Chelsea Lately’

Tamar Braxton

In between her daytime gig co-hosting “The Real” and filming her two reality shows, Tamar Braxton paid a visit to “Chelsea Lately” on Tuesday night. The “Braxton Family Values” star sat down with her “Real” co-host Loni Love, who was filling in for Chelsea, for a candid conversation.

She talked about juggling a career and motherhood and still looking fly. “I have a team that helps, plus I’m stylish as well so it’s not that hard. I wake up like this,” said Tamar.

The “Love and War” singer, who gave birth to her son Logan Vincent Herbert in June, wasn’t planning on becoming a mom until one drunken night. “I never really wanted kids, but I wanted to adopt an Asian girl and raise her like a black girl and I was gon’ name her Disney,” she revealed. “If I said I adopted a boy, he’d have the initials LV like Louis Vuitton. So what happened, me and Vincent got real drunk one night and we made a mistake and then it was Logan.”

She got glammed up while delivering her baby. “I made sure I had my hair and makeup done and I had diamonds on because I really wanted to meet my son the right way.”

Her album Love and War drops Sept. 3, while the new season of “Tamar and Vince” premieres Sept. 5.

Watch Tamar’s hilarious interview below.


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  1. Twista

    Love you Tamar, but might be beneficial to use a filter here and there. Might not want to use the word “mistake” when referencing your firstborn.


    alyse Reply:

    @Twista, do you know how many children are created because of a mistake & not intentionality trying to get pregnant !?! It doesn’t mean she doesn’t love him, he just wasn’t planned


    um Reply:

    The word “mistake” implies that you did something wrong. You’re absolutely right that it doesn’t mean Tamar doesn’t love her son, but there’s a difference between calling a child “unplanned” and a “mistake”.


    ree Reply:

    @Twista, oh stfu hater


    d Reply:

    @Twista, I love me some Tamar bcuz she is soooo entertaining but I have to agree with u. She shouldn’t keep going around telling everybody how he was a mistake and how she was unattached. While this maybe true….everything that’s true doesn’t need to be out in the open. She doesn’t want Logan to look back at these interviews and have it lower his self esteem….REAL TALK


  2. Queenly

    Tamar, nothing about you is stylish. You are tacky from your wigs, to your slang to your shoes. She is living proof that money can’t buy class. Tack head.


  3. channel_ROMAN

    I like her music but she’s too materialistic.


    yooo Reply:

    @channel_ROMAN, psssh isnt that the pot calling the kettle black. at least she makes good music unlike your fav.


  4. Mon88

    this chick is so wack she is so fame hungry she would sale her soul to satan in 2 minutes i wouldn’t be surprised if she would let her sister toni go down so she could come up….plastic bitch


  5. Miguel

    I know she jokes about a lot of things but this isn’t the first time she has said the same statements. Just think before you speak Tamar… *smh*

    P.S. …Tamartians, wrong is wrong. I know it’s hard to understand that when you’re not down to earth. LOL


  6. yooo

    peepz are so sensitive, and so pu**y


  7. onlyfacts

    She just doing all this because k michelle album is coming out she is nothing compared to K.MICHELLE


    A Reply:

    @onlyfacts, Last time I checked, Tamar was number uno.


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