Video: Jessie J – ‘It’s My Party’

Jessie J

Jessie J is the life of the party in the video for her second single “It’s My Party.” The blonde Brit opens three doors where three very different parties await including a punk/grunge scene, hip-hop party, and pretentious hipster hangout. But she’s able to bring them all of together for one big celebration.

“It’s basically me having parties. Three very different parties that I kind of bring together as one big party. There’s some cameos in there, some of my best mates in there,” Jessie told Capital FM. “It’s a fun video, it’s just me being silly. It’s a lot of humor.”

Jessie’s sophomore album is due in September featuring production from Dr. Luke, Ammo, and Claude Kelly.

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  1. King

    No one is here for you, Jessie. And please stop doing runs in every single note you sing.


  2. fa

    Whoever wrote the treatment for this video needs to hug the director really tight
    and jump the highest bridge they can find!
    Jessie, girl, come out of the closet instead of going into them!
    What a mess
    she has a great voice but this sounds like a PINK leftover track from 8 years ago
    byeh girl





  4. Dj Pantal

    How is this rap it’s not even rnb it’s pop shit


  5. elyslays



  6. bibi93



  7. wwed

    “Wild” eats this song for breakfast.


  8. wonderland19

    The video makes the song good.


  9. WILL

    Usually her quality of music is a lot higher than this…this really is poor. It’s shit


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