Iggy Azalea Completes Album, Teases Tracklisting

Iggy Azalea

It’s a wrap on The New Classic. Iggy Azalea has finishing recording her highly-anticipated debut.

“I just officially finished my album. Can’t even deal,” tweeted the Aussie rap sensation.

The project, due on Island Def Jam, is still awaiting a release date, while the next single “Change Your Life” featuring T.I. is set to debut this month. A video has also been shot in Las Vegas.

Iggy posted a handwritten tracklisting on Instagram, revealing 18 tentative track titles including “New Bitch,” “Rolex, “Goddess,” and the autobiographical single “Work.”

She also addressed the absence of certain tracks such as her U.K. single “Bounce” and the potential Rihanna-assisted “Designer Drugs.” “If you don’t see it. That’s because it’s not there. easy,” she told her Azaleans.

Iggy will join BeyoncĂ© on the Australian leg of her “Mrs. Carter Show World Tour” starting on October 17. She is also nominated for Best New Artist at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards.

UPDATE: The tracks listed below are not the official titles. “FYI. Those are not the official names of songs on my track listing I tweeted. Many are just beat names I’ve recorded to,” said Iggy.

The New Classic Tracklisting

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  1. Bobby

    Good for her, I’m happy she finally completed it. I like the name and the fact that she has 18 tracks on it – why do some singers think 10-12 tracks is enough?? Especially when 1/2 of them are fillers.

    I am mostly excited for Azealia Bank’s album, her music is by far more my style I absolutely love her.





    channel_ROMAN Reply:



    Ummm Reply:


    Bew… Roman is washed up!
    Nicki let go of Roman.. why haven’t you?


    channel_ROMAN Reply:

    @Ummm, That’s my real name.


    Yeezus Christ Reply:

    @BEDSTUYFLY, LOL Foh dumb broad


    Andy Reply:

    @BEDSTUYFLY, so much delusional fans… sad


  3. Jay



  4. Natalie

    I’ll pass. Her voice is soooooooooo, annoying ugh.


  5. Devonte

    **Has fininishing her debut album**? Come on rap-up…love y’all, but that’s unacceptable.


  6. hellioss

    The album needs to be really good with a title like that


  7. mumi

    Azealia is on the way. Stay mad.


  8. Kyle

    I wasn’t really checking for her until I heard “Work.” That song is definitely her best song IMO. I will check out her other stuff because she really does have a lot of potential.


  9. Jubby

    Already? I don’t think she’s ready. I’m worried for her if she releases it now because she hasn’t garnered a large enough fanbase where it matters most(The US). Is it dropping before or after her tour with beyonce?


  10. bibi93

    Can’t wait!!


  11. chantal

    5000 in the first week


    VikkiVega Reply:

    @chantal, LOL


  12. Oh

    I hope she sells at least 50k first week and I hope she is actually spitting some lyrical shit. She certainly is slaying Azealia whose album don’t even got no release date after 2 delays


  13. TrinaFan

    Can’t wait! Iggy will slay and take over!


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