Chris Brown Gets Dapper for Blank Magazine

Chris Brown

Chris Brown gets his grown and sexy on in the pages of Blank magazine. The 24-year-old superstar trades his streetwear for a designer wardrobe including Gucci, Paul Smith, and Dolce&Gabbana in the slick shoot, which was photographed by Steven Gomillion and Dennis Leupold at a swanky house in the Hollywood Hills.

Breezy stretches out on a diving board on the cover and stands in a bedroom with a sexy lady by his side in another photo. The stylish singer retires to the bar for a smoke and enjoys a drink poolside.

In the issue, he pays homage to the King of Pop, who inspired his upcoming album X. “Michael Jackson has had an influence on everybody, especially on the generation that came before me and after me,” said Chris. “He inspired us all to strive to be the best in our profession.”

See more photos from Breezy’s high-fashion shoot below.

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  1. Zay

    Can’t wait for his album. Wish they could give a release date


    Avon Reply:

    @Zay, the album is August 20th right now, i cant wait either, but where is Chris’s Album Cover, Track List & iTunes Pre-Order, thats what im waiting on :(


    tew Reply:

    @Avon, lol no way this is coming out on the 20th. no way at all


    Ass eater Reply:

    Chris never comfirmed August 20th


    aa Reply:

    chris is so damm fine


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  4. bibi93

    Good shoots


  5. CBE

    The release date is not confirmed, I would expect him to release it after the VMA’s if he waits too long he will clash with major releases like Gaga and the rest of those hoes + Drake is coming with his next month…

    His management or RCA is fucking up I suspect, one of those two…if I was advising him I would stop dropping singles and book a VMA spot release Aug 27…let the album do the rest big numbers or not.


  6. CBE

    He needs to release the cover soon + the date, if he can do 150 – 200 000 that’s good…he will be lucky to do over with all the drama he brings around him.


  7. carlos

    this dude is so thirsty to be compared to michael jackson but never is


  8. xSTEV3N

    I can’t wait for his album August 20th, yes!


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  10. thedon

    I thought this dude was retiring..


  11. Cranberry

    Low-rent Frank Ocean photoshoot.


  12. Dante

    Gomillion and Leupold >>>> #thatisall


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