New Music: Naya Rivera f/ Big Sean – ‘Sorry’

Naya Rivera and Big Sean

Naya Rivera links with her love Big Sean on her debut single “Sorry.” The “Glee” star launches her music career with the playful uptempo jam, which she premiered on L.A. radio station Power 106 earlier today.

Her G.O.O.D. Music boyfriend surprised her and showed up with a bottle of Dom Pérignon while she was in the studio.

Naya said that she was the one who initiated the collaboration. “I had a couple of songs that I wanted a feature on and then conveniently I just turned to him and was just like, ‘Can you do this?’” she told Yesi Ortiz.

Listen to the radio rip below.

Big Sean surprises Naya with a bottle of champagne…

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  1. annon



  2. kim

    Wonder if this is about his ex


  3. um

    I like her and she’s a good singer (see: Off With Your Heads) but this song does nothing for me. I fell asleep.


  4. LOL

    ol the whole song is about how she is now big sean’s girlfriend? LMAO. Why would you brag about that? He isn’t even B-List rapper. lol


  5. Eli

    I think it’s cute. Cool introduction to her music and sound


  6. t

    the song is almost ok its just a little boring it would be nothing witout big sean…but i like her voice


  7. DRod

    gives me 90′s R&B vibe and that’s a good thing!


  8. Jade Ashley

    I’m not pretty surprised that these two would eventually collaborate, but I don’t think there is much hype behind the song. Sorry! :(


  9. lena

    such a fun song! i can sing this in someone’s face sorry im not sorry! lmao love it.


  10. Dominique

    This song rocks. Naya is amazing. Haters f**k off


    Hov Reply:

    @Dominique, you are definitely a fag


  11. yer

    im eating Busara listening to basura


  12. LaMont

    I like it, it sounds good!


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  14. INCAS

    Its alright. Not my cup of tea. But I bet she has a ton of fans from glee who will support her. Good luck to her


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  16. Kyle

    This sounds so dated and not in a good way. The beat is good but her vocals do nothing for the song and the lyrics…anyone could WRITE THIS!


  17. TRP

    WACK. She actually has a good voice but this song isn’t showcasing it. It sounds like some old late 90′s Jlo record.


  18. 2bad2bme

    that beat don’t play but I don’t like the song


  19. Oohhhh

    I spent some time with her at an event a couple weeks ago, and she was NOT a nice girl! To be as beautiful as she is, I was shocked at how over-the-top she seemed about clinging to Sean. Like lord please, just because there’s another attractive woman in the room, doesn’t mean she wants your man, lol!! This song is PROOF. If she was really secure, no need to give any exes any attention. She gave them a whole song! Hahahaha….


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  21. Chloé Magnolia

    I like it. I’m not sure if it’s clever business to debut yourself with a song that comes off a bit bitchy and cocky, but the song itself is nice.


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