Mac Miller Collapses Onstage in Phoenix

Mac Miller

Mac Miller had a scary moment onstage on the second to last stop of his “Space Migration” tour. The Pittsburgh rapper was performing the title track off his album Watching Movies With the Sound Off at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix over the weekend when he started feeling faint and eventually collapsed to the the floor (2:04 mark).

His band members rushed to his rescue, while the venue lights dimmed. But he got back up only seconds later and kept performing like a true pro.

It’s unknown what the cause was, but he did tweet earlier in the week that he was exhausted. “In Vegas. Need sleep,” wrote Mac.

He can get some rest now that the U.S. leg of the tour is officially over.

[Miss Dimplez]

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  1. ewrqrew

    illuminati reset his internal activation battery


    ewrqrew Reply:

    @ewrqrew, youre going to be seeing a lot of of celebrities collapsing recreating themselves. illuminati is planning for a takeover and this is one of the steps of confusing the public. first beyonces haircut, then ja rules getting muscular, miley twerking, then chris brown collapses, now mac miller. all battery are being reprogrammed


    Whatcha_Sayin Reply:

    @ewrqrew, LOOOOL


    The Killer Truth Reply:

    @ewrqrew, Lmao. Dude as crazy as that sounds i wouldnt be surprised. Its obvious that the illuminati exists and has been around for a very long time. The New World order is not very far from happening. Most people that come on this site have no idea whats in store just know that it will happen in your lifetime as well as a lot of crazy other shit. The people that dont believe it will feel very stupid.


    tw Reply:

    @The Killer Truth, I’m trolling you fucking weirdo. “not very far from happening” is what idiots like you have been saying for the last 100 years. 2012 was supposed to be the big event, nothing happened. time to get a life.


  2. LOLatHaters



  3. Jackie Rayne

    Lean is bad kids…


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