Miley Cyrus Raps Over French Montana’s ‘Ain’t Worried About Nothin’

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus captivated the nation with her twerking and now she’s giving the world a taste of her rap skills. The pop star previews her remix to French Montana’s street record “Ain’t Worried About Nothin.” In a grainy iPhone video, she stands alongside French and mouths along to the lyrics.

“Bitch, I ain’t worried about nothin’,” she boasts on the hook.

“You think I’m turnt up, wait until my album drop,” raps Miley, whose upcoming album is titled Bangerz.

Did Miley kill it on the mic? Check her flow below.

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  1. Cheese

    No. Miley KILLED the mic.


    Cheese Reply:

    As in it wasn’t good


  2. Im so confused

    I cracked up the whole time thinking, what is going on? Now the twearking didnt bother me. Everybody twearks. Come on! But Miley rapping is just not like… so confused.


    Jackie Rayne Reply:

    @Im so confused, you are not alone. Miley what are you doing?. Sick to doing Party in the USA.


  3. kate

    2 talentless lol


  4. XO till we overdose...

    I really want to see an interview with Billy Ray Cyrus. Daddy must be proud.


    kate Reply:

    @XO till we overdose…, lol me too


  5. Hold Up

    If shes mouthing along to her own words, doesn’t that mean it was recorded and will most likely be legit dropped?


  6. FMOT princedior



  7. ewr

    dope but this is clearly not rapping. completely false advertizing


  8. jahliss

    Sounds like rihanna looks like a dang fool



    I Feel the rage around Miley atm is that she can be used as an industry porawen for R’n’B Crosseovers to get their music more noteably.

    I do feel Miley makes good hip hop music, but in the space of 6 months she has COLLABO’d with EVERYONE and becoming a LUDA, FLO- RIDA, PITBULL. It is not pure if she is overused and generic.

    But Miley I aint mad, if sahe decides to do another era after BANGERZ then she has many new music directions to go down unlike many R’n’B artists who are unfortunately stuck in one lane. If everything is about $$$ then it makes sense for artists to tap into others to expand their markets.

    NICKI has clevely tried to market herself as a ‘MILEY’. Starships v Beez In the Trapn etc.


  10. Chloé Magnolia

    I’ve heard some actual femcees do a much worse job, so keep on twerking, Miley.


  11. #RihannaNAVi

    I like Miley, but wtf… this is shit


  12. Brian

    B-tch just stop just stop! You are not RIHANNA or black.


    mike Reply:

    wow… i didnt know i had to be black to rap… so ignorant and racist, when you getting out of your own ghetto?!


    Marii Reply:

    @Brian, Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke, Iggy Azalea aren’t black either but yet their R&B/Rap music is better than a lot of black people’s so. And stop comparing her to Rihanna they just have the same style if dress.


  13. Blame Nicki Minaj

    Blame Nicki Minaj for watering down rap with Super Bass, Starship etc. that she made these white chicks think they can rap. She can’t even rap as good as Teena Marie on Square Biz or Gwen Stefani.


    Roland Minaj Reply:

    @Blame Nicki Minaj, HELL NO!!! Nicki brought back female rap. She is the ONLY female rapper to win a bet award 4 years in a row for best “rapper”. She was crowned best female rapper of all TIME!! She is the only female rapper to have her own perfume and be on idol. She is way more successful than any other female rapper from back then… When they told her that she had became more successful than Lauren hill she thanked Lauren for inspiration and teared. So until your fav becomes as successful as Nicki Minaj I suggest you leave her alone. Thank You. -Roland


  14. ♪►Muzzac◄♪



  15. R4 Bangz

    Yeah Miley, lets just stick to the singing and acting Career


  16. dreincharacter

    If that’s rap I hope I go deaf.

    Ratchet girl isn’t trill.


  17. Blah

    This will be the first track on the new kids bop album! Lmao but foreal it does sound like some kids bop ish. However, I love how miley is doing her and not giving a damn about what others think.


  18. Amber

    I actually liked it! She offers something no one else has ! #teammiley


  19. Cherryfalls

    Apparently, rap is for sale now, and people complain about the state of music?


  20. Seriously?

    Really?! Out of all the stupid songs that ya’ll hype up, u actually mean to tell me ur hating on this? It seriously wasn’t a bad job! Hell, I think she made the song worth listening to because I always thought this track was horrible. He sounds a mess, but I guess it was hot before they put Miley on it right?.. Yea,ok.


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