New Music: K. Michelle f/ Young Jeezy – ‘V.S.O.P. (Remix)’

V.S.O.P. (Remix)

With her debut album Rebellious Soul in stores today, K. Michelle marks the occasion by dropping the remix to her single “V.S.O.P.” featuring Young Jeezy. The Snowman kicks off the smooth joint with a celebratory verse. Pop a bottle and get into their very special collabo.

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  1. thesearefacts

    WOW This is amazing !” K.michelle is officially in the game….TAMAR have sevarl seats you dont compare to K.MICHELLE


  2. Nurse2013

    I m so happy for Kmichelle!!! Its her time! that really was uncalled for what Tamar said about her wig, she aint the only one with a blond wig. #haveseveralseatsTamar when Kmichelle respond then she angry no she justified cause Tamar seems kinda jelly to me. both of yall can win Tamar Damn…..


  3. bibi93

    Good K


  4. fonkyfresh

    luv it— bout time K


  5. Michelle

    I love it, i have this on repeat!!!


  6. tall

    hot remix. i like girly’s personality on vh1.


  7. Quaviie

    Omg I love this song so much this is my favorite song I love k Michelle have song on repeat love the remix same as the original song..


  8. jazzy

    K is my girl. Love the album!!


  9. Truth

    This is the best R&B song of the year so far and Jeezy definately added a nice touch to this. This song should be doing so much better on the charts right now.


  10. ♪►Muzzac◄♪

    Jezzy was not needed…It’s whatever though, I’ll just continue to listen to the version without him.


  11. vfocused

    Just got my album yesterday and I love it and was just thinking, cant wait for the remix. I especially hope she remix “My Life” and “Cant Raise a Man” Can so hear Luda on one of these easy! Luv this album K. Dont worry about haters and people that are predicting low record sales. Everyone does not watch LAHHATL so….. some people still dont know who K Michelle is but from what I have heard THEY WILL! I cant wait for her contd success. I listened to the album over and over and it is a really good album with most of the records written by k Michelle. I did not hear a song with R Kelly but maybe that did not work out but he may be on her remixes. It still a banging album. Cant wait for what comes next. YOU DID THAT K!


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