Rihanna and Katy Perry Reunite in NYC

Katy Perry and Rihanna

KatyAnna is back! Despite their busy schedules, Rihanna and Katy Perry found time to meet up during their trip to New York. The BFFs, who have been busy touring and recording, were spotted coming out of N62 restaurant on Monday night.

RiRi posted a photo of them cozying up, tweeting, “She. X She. #KatyAnna #RIHunited.”

Katy was in NYC to promote her new single “Roar,” which she will perform at the VMAs on August 25.

The besties try to hang out whenever they can. “Whenever we’re in the same city, we try to do something, whether it’s see each other for five minutes for a hug or partying all night at some random after-party,” said RiRi.


Katy Perry

Photo credit: Splash News

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  1. Yasmine

    Katy’s new song “Roar” is dope….it has “Firework” potential.


  2. kate

    rih is more beautiful and more talented


    troof Reply:

    @kate, Rihanna cant sing live


    Keepin'It100 Reply:

    @troof, Says who? Rihanna is a vocalist but above average only! She’s no Beyonce or Mariah we all know that!However, i’ve heard her sing live and she sings her songs with justice i must admit!


  3. LOLatHaters

    I hope Rih loses the Jheri Curl fast. It is a mess. She look like the seed of Chucky


  4. Osra

    I love Rihanna


  5. damien

    katy perry is soo thirsty??? begging it always…



  6. Meme

    It has been confirm Rihanna too will release new music by his fall. Lord Jesus this is too much. Gaga Katy and ri…music 3 leading ladies. ItS on


    Sushi Reply:

    @Meme, It’s 2010-2011 ALL OVER AGAIN! O_O


  7. @Princejawsh

    Yes! I hope they sit next to each other at the Vma’s


    helen Reply:

    @@Princejawsh, i hope they get married, so she can stop stalking ciara


  8. Dots

    They finally recorded that song together ( I hope).





  10. bobs

    So Katy’s look for this era is Animal Prints? What’s the next era? Florals? #SNOOZE

    Roar is actually pretty bad. It’s re-release quality… not new era…. feels like a baby step (in the wrong direction..)

    See what happened to Ke$ha and her safe single choices off an otherwise amazing album.


  11. Tesa

    I love Rihanna but it seems like she hops on people when they are hot. She did it to Britney Got back with Chris Brown when he was hot Shes all praising Lady gaga now Did it to Drake….


    cass Reply:

    @Tesa, she bigger than all of the people you named. Since when was Chris hot? He’s not mainstream anymore check his sales. Only time he get recognition is when he dating Rihanna or doing bad. Britney ain’t been big since 2000 so pls stop. When did she praise Lady GaGa? Or did you not see they both gave each other props. Katy… I ain’t even gone waste my time. Do the media ever talk about Drake? Only when it’s about his music. Yet she hanging with people for buzz when she released an album a year ago. Got her own clothing line, perfumes, make-up, and tv show. Girl you tried it. Rihanna is the biggest star in music.


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