Super-Producer Rico Love Hints at Debut Project

Rico Love

Rico Love has crafted hits for BeyoncĂ© (“Sweet Dreams”), Usher (“There Goes My Baby”), and Nelly (“Just a Dream”), and now he’s stepping out from behind the boards. The super-producer teases his upcoming debut album in his “Rico Love Vignette” series.

The Division1 boss, who inked a deal with Interscope Records, shows off his accolades and explains his decision to launch a solo career while cruising in his Rolls-Royce.

“It’s exactly who I am, it’s myself explaining who I am in my journey and how I got here and the different things I’ve seen and gone through in my journey,” said Rico. “And it’s just great music on top of that.”

While he shied away from the spotlight in the past, he felt that now was the right time. “It was just something that just happened. I genuinely always said I’m not gonna do a record, but I just feel like the music was just making so much sense.”

He has also launched his Discrete Luxury website, hinting at a possible title for the project.

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  1. King

    Since when is Rico a Super-Prodeucer? Hes just a writer, a really good one!


    Brian Reply:

    @King, “just a writer” wrong, wrong, wrong.


  2. MostHated

    Only for it to flop? Why do these writers without vocal ability or talent think we want to hear from them? Just stick to writing for others and try not to embarrass yourself.


    Trey Reply:

    @MostHated, He also can sing great u dumb


    MostHated Reply:

    @Trey, We’ll see how his allegedly great singing pans out for him.


    Canl1 Reply:

    @MostHated, You stupid lil girl or boy. He was once signed to usher for his great vocal ability. Smh. Think they know it all mf’s


  3. The One

    Obviously you have NEVER heard Rico Love sing, so best to refrain from premature judgment until you hear the goods yourself..


  4. pardonme

    Well I have heard the guy sing. This is an era where that doesn’t matter lol. Sad is happy now…if you don’t have a story don’t put out a damn album

    Where I stand with Rico… I just hope he tweeks his great voice and not Jennifer Hudson us #Oops


  5. Joe Hughes

    That beat is wild in the background mate! What is it?????


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