Chris Brown Enlists Brandy for ‘X’

Brandy and Chris Brown

Chris Brown and Brandy are teaming up again. The R&B singers have collaborated on a new song called “Do Better” for Chris’ upcoming album X.

Breezy shared the news on Twitter. “@4everBrandy we got an amazing record for this X album!!!!! ‘Do Better’… This shit is CRAZY!!!!! Bout to pass out again! Lol,” he wrote.

Brandy, who previously worked with Brown on her 2012 single “Put It Down,” praised her collaborator. “Thank you so much for the opportunity! You are an amazing artist Chris Brown:) love,” she responded.

In addition to Brandy, X is expected to include collaborations with Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna, Kelly Rowland, Wiz Khalifa, and Nicki Minaj, who appears on the single “Love More.”

Brown has said that the album may be his last. “Don’t worry mainstream America. After this X album, it’ll probably be my last album,” he tweeted earlier this month.

Are you excited to hear a new Breezy and Brandy collabo?

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  1. Avon

    nice work, i like this choice for a collab, cuz i remember a report going around that Chris took Rihanna off “Put It Up” and i thought maybe he should replace Rihanna’s parts with Brandy since Chris & Brandy did “Put It Down” last year, so it makes perfect since, but now both of them are on the album!!! its about 11 features soo far, still gonna be great


    channel_ROMAN Reply:

    @Avon, It’s only 6 features so far bro.


    James Jay Gibson Reply:

    @JamesJamaGibson…I’m looking forward to the album I believe it’s going to be the HEAT…Keep it up Chris Breezy…#im ur biggest fan ever


  2. Dave

    as long as neither of them rap this time.


  3. Nicki

    both fell off = flop


    opd2 Reply:

    @Nicki, why are you trying to get people to hate on nicki,you piece of haters are so disgusting.


    Tempest Reply:

    @Nicki, Not a Nicki stan saying somebody fell off. Oh the irony……


  4. j

    if its anything like put it down they can keep it

    a ballad would be >>>>


  5. Avon

    i think X is suppose to feature
    Nicki Minaj
    Kendrick Lamar
    Wiz Khalifa
    Kelly Rowland
    Brandy….. & maybe
    Jennifer Lopez
    Sevyn & Kevin McCall


    cassidyboi Reply:

    @Avon, that would be hott but i think b.o.b & rihanna & jlo wont make the cut….. ;-( i wish they could have


    wonderland19 Reply:

    @Avon, I don’t think Kevin McCall is on ‘X’. K.Mac has been working on his mix tapes.

    There are aLOT of features but maybe we will only hear 5. I hope X is his best album to date. Like a step up from F.A.M.E. Also, something progressive but has old school elements. Mostly, i want a cohesive album. Fortune was great but it felt like a bunch of hot singles instead of an collective album. FAME was amazing because it had that cohesive unique energy. Also, some honest concepts and ideas. We don’t need to hear 5 songs about sex and drugs.
    Looking to this album a lot.


  6. Croqque

    This Brandy collab could be great, but it sounds like too many features. Chris, you don’t need all the help.


  7. Ewan

    The irony of the title ….


  8. Scott

    Yeah but when is the album dropping. Last I heard he said August 20th and it was on wiki. I looked last night now and now it just says 2013! WTF. He needs to hurry up and release it.


    brandon Reply:

    @Scott, exactly. Its getting to the point that I dont care anymore. There is hardly any promotion for the album and he wont tell us when the release date is and we keep getting the run around. Promote your damn album dude if you care about your fans!


  9. Joey

    Some ppl forget how Brandy opened doors for alot of these artist. Brandy is one of the most respected ppl in the game today! Brandys voice is truly a gift and one of a kind. Chris Brown is a great vocalist. Most ppl dont even know what that really consist of but he is and I’m not even really a fan of him. ANYWAY! Stop hating so much ppl, it’s not healthy.


    FOH Reply:

    @Joey, PREACH!


  10. kandylandy

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  11. kate

    brandy yas love you queen


  12. Jade Ashley

    I would love to hear Chris & Brandy together again, they created a hit last year & I am positive it won’t be any different this year.


  13. Jade Ashley

    I cannot wait to hear this track.


  14. oldschool

    Chris I am glad to see you working again
    You and Brandy. Is great singer the album will be


  15. Relly

    The song he wrote on her album “Two Eleven” was really good.

    He is an obvious fan of her voice, he attempts her vocal runs on his songs alot. “Put it Down” was a waste of their togetherness. They needed to just sing and I hope that happens on his album.

    Still don’t get why he never performed it with her once, when they were at multiple award shows together and his promo for “Fortune” slowed….


  16. Mario

    The album is coming august 20th?


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