Foxy Brown Sheds Tears, Addresses Summer Jam Rumors

Foxy Brown

Foxy Brown’s behavior has been constant fodder for gossip blogs and Twitter. But she’s had enough of the lies and rumors. The Brooklyn rapper broke down in tears during an interview on MTV’s “RapFix Live.”

“When it’s just completely redundant, when it’s negative stuff being said constantly, it becomes annoying. It becomes tiring,” Foxy told Sway Calloway.

An emotional Foxy fought back tears as she spoke. “I have tears in my eyes right now because what I’ve been through, you guys don’t understand,” she continued. “The fact that somebody can just lie and it becomes a trending topic, where everybody is talking about it, and you have to constantly come out of the booth and stop what I’m doing to defend a lie.”

But despite her tough skin, she pleaded with her haters to leave her alone. “You already know me, I have the heart of a soldier, but after a while it becomes like, let her live.”

During the interview, she also addressed her non-appearance at Hot 97′s Summer Jam. Foxy was rumored to share the stage with Lil’ Kim during Fabolous’ set, but was reportedly running late.

“The story is not true,” she said. “Foxy Brown was never late. Let’s just say that it wasn’t orchestrated properly.”

She claims that the original plan was for Fab to bring her out, but the night before he called her with the idea to reunite her and Kim. But she wasn’t with it.

“If we can orchestrate a situation where it’s real, then I’m with it. If it’s not real, I’m not with it,” she said. “And it wasn’t real as you can see.”

According to Foxy, Kim did not want the moment to happen. “She was defiant from the moment he even said my name,” said Foxy. “She said, ‘I don’t want to perform with her.’ I said, ‘Fab, it’s not genuine.’”

She knew prior to Summer Jam that she would not be hitting the stage. “I told him that my spirit didn’t feel right if it wasn’t genuine.”

Watch her set the record straight.

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  1. Vuki mili

    Love her always. She keeps it real


    diane Reply:

    @Vuki mili, These stars need to go before congress to ask that these internet PROVIDERS monitor and eliminate hateful comments designed to bully and try to mess up careers. They are trying to make Internet Bullying illegal for kids because of suicides. They can do it for the entertainers to. All they have to do is put a filter on it.

    I had one of the most memorable best times of my life dancing in Vegas with my old man, on the Thong Song.





    slayoncé Reply:

    Shut it,you’re always so negative


  3. LOLatHaters

    These chicks can’t do anything without mentioning Lil’ Kim….where is new music, mixtape, appearances/concerts or anything Fox? It has been way too long.


    Rasan8250 Reply:

    @LOLatHaters, Just shut up!!! Don’t you see this a broken woman. It is a shame that people can be completely down and people still want to kick you. They ask her a damn question, what’s wrong with you?


    LOLatHaters Reply:

    @Rasan8250, exactly she doesnt need to be doing interviews if she is such a “broken woman” she needs to seek help and stay away from the limelight


    TJ Reply:

    @LOLatHaters, it’s funny you’d think Team Kim would be sympathetic to all the obvious career sabotaging Foxy has endured. Especially now that Kim’s getting a mild taste.

    These black artist need to wake up and get hip to the real
    Politics and dealings of the entertainment INDUSTRY (as in business, as in fueled by greed) Get hip.

    This catty he said she said, beef that these two women’s fans are encouraging is ridiculous. Free your mind and get hip.

    I think Foxy has grown and still has growing to do! Kim as well I wish them both the best!!


    Oh Reply:

    @LOLatHaters, Where is her Kim Music ? Lil Kim cant get an interview without mentioning Nicki. Lil Kim is very fitting. She has the personality of a “lil girl”. That beef with Foxy shouldn’t even exist… 10 years later this bitch still stuck on the same shit.SMH


  4. MCA

    foxy is an intelligent women. always loved her flow! she’s looking good!


  5. fonkyfresh

    we need some new foxy brown— we miss her dopeness!


  6. Truth

    Foxy needs to seriously get it together you can tell shes not all the way there and i think it has to do with a lot of the stuff going on in her life. Im just wondering how shes able to keep a steady income when she hasnt released an album in 12 years. Thats a long time.


    Oh Reply:

    @Truth, Foxy definitely isn’t broke. Just because people aren’t “relevant” anymore doesn’t mean their broke. I’ve seen regular people make 200K and they live happy ass a little above middle-class lives. She made her money in the time frame she did and shes done with it.


  7. Jonathan

    Kim is ridiculous, it’s her typical behavior. SMDH. Foxy gonna make a comeback. I believe in her.


  8. Penny Proud Lil Sis

    This bitch shed a few tears and all yall on her clit…ch, please!!

    She stay not paying for shit and owing people for her hair and nails…but wont speak on that.

    She got issues, Kim doesnt want any part of it, stop tryna throw dirt on Kim name…she been done with you.


  9. TheRealness

    I like Foxy Brown’s music, especially numerous tracks from her first two releases. I feel bad that she’s been the subject of rumors and slander, but it comes with the territory of being famous. Lil’ Kim receives slander on a daily basis and she never complains about it. I understand she is human, but instead of crying she should just dispel anything that isn’t true and keep it moving.

    I don’t think Foxy is interested in releasing another album. The snippet to her new track “Bandz Up” sounds so low quality for someone who is supposed to be established in the industry. I doubt it will even see the light of day. It’s odd that throughout interviews from 2007 (after she left Def Jam and S. Carter) to 2011, Foxy was boasting about the album “Black Roses,” and how it was “bananas.” Foxy hasn’t been signed to a label where she wouldn’t own the rights to those songs, so how come she’s JUST starting the recording process of another album, “Bandz Up”? Something doesn’t seem right, which is why I doubt she’ll be releasing anything in the future.

    She also seems a little bit rusty with her flow and delivery. It’s too bad because Foxy was a pretty good MC. I don’t think she had as much commercial appeal as Lil’ Kim, but I do think she was a good rapper. I think her and Kim’s downfall was that they let too much time go by, and failed to stay relevant in music. Hence why what they have to offer in 2013 isn’t catching.


    Oh Reply:

    @TheRealness, Foxy had a lot going on as well I think that whole “deaf” situation took a toll on her and still is. I hope she gets better. Maybe she can sign to Young they take anybody over there


  10. Kyle

    Man, I miss Foxy Brown in her heyday. I wish she can just get it together and release some hot music that we ALL know she’s capable of making. I agree with the comment above from Truth though, you can tell she’s not all there like she used to be. In interviews and performances, it just always seems like she has a couple screws loose in her head which is probably from all the negativity and bad shit she has been through. I genuinely feel bad for her:(



    no one believe that crocodile tears anymore fauxy.
    get it together mama and stop loosing your tooth, your hearing aid, your weave payment and your balance. no wonder you fell directly to your grave.

    lil kim stay on your brain.


  12. BK

    Foxy herself said she didnt wanna do it if it didnt feel right, and Kim obvioulsy didnt want to do it cuz it didnt feel right. So that other crap about the phone call of what Kim did or did not say didnt need to be said. smh.


  13. dog13



  14. ♪►Muzzac◄♪

    Shoutout to Foxy, she is real! I really hope Her and Nicki collab soon, hip-hop needs to see that unity from female rappers, and not even just those two I mean ALL of them.

    Lil Kim should feel ashamed of herself for laughing at someone for losing their hearing, and dissing the female rapper that’s shining right now. She is a really negative person, and she needs to fix her attitude! I don’t think jail fixed that bitch one bit!

    Shoutout to all the female MCs except Lil Kim!
    FREE REMY!!!


    TheRealness Reply:


    That’s kind of immature. Even if you don’t like Kim, you should still acknowledge her accomplishments.

    I don’t believe she laughed at Foxy’s hearing loss. Kim has always seemed to be a genuine person. She felt bad for Remy when she went to jail, so I don’t think she would laugh any of her enemy’s misfortunes like that. When there was a home invasion at Foxy’s house in Park Slope in 1999, Foxy said Kim was the first one to reach out to make sure she was okay. At that time, the two were sending subliminal shots on their records.

    I don’t think Kim is a negative person, I just don’t think she feels a need to reunite with Foxy. It would be nice but it shouldn’t be forced if they’re not truly ready.


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