New Music: Toni Braxton & Babyface – ‘Hurt You’

Hurt You

Toni Braxton’s hiatus from music is officially over. The Grammy-winning singer, who had previously said she was retiring from the industry, returns with “Hurt You,” a collaboration with Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds.

The tender love ballad marks the first single off their joint album Love, Marriage & Divorce, due Dec. 3 on Motown Records.

The R&B diva and legendary producer team up on the smoldering duet, which finds Toni in top form. “God knows I never meant to hurt you/ I never meant to break your heart,” they sing on the chorus.

Light some candles and listen to their sultry song below.

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  1. fa

    Babyface and Toni Braxton
    Hurt you…
    Instant hit!
    Bring back storytelling, vocals and melodies!
    Rihanna, Keri, Ciara and Co….
    It’s time to sit down and take notes…


    Speechless Reply:

    @fa, girl bye. you did not have to insult keri and ciara in order to compliment this. shut up and enjoy the song.


    fa Reply:

    @Speechless, just 20 years ago from now people like Ciara dn Rihanna wouldn’t be even hired to do back-up for Toni!
    Sit down boo!


  2. Julez

    This song is amazing! The vocals, the lyrics, melody, mood! Everything about this song is amazing! This is what music needed!


  3. Only Music matters

    Minds about to be blown!, spirits lifted, souls robbed! #HurtYou is HEAVY!


  4. IslandSmoke

    she looks like Lil Kim here, at first glance i thought it was Kimmie


    Only Music matters Reply:

    @IslandSmoke, she has Lupus & is on heavy medication, hence the face sometimes.


    Pilar Reply:

    @IslandSmoke, You aren’t a very good troll. On Toni’s WORST day, she does not come close to looking like that sausage-faced geisha.


    Onika Miraj Reply:

    @IslandSmoke, *shakes head* Toni is too beautiful to be compared to that, sorry.


  5. Brasko801

    Once upon a time in America there was music!!! Glad it’s coming back. Babyface & Toni bringing that 90s back


  6. DKW

    Cool and classic.


  7. Len1975

    OMG I love it…My favorite artist sounds amazing along with Babyface…Epic moment for r&b…Amazing!!!


  8. Kyle

    I love the idea of these two doing a collaborative album and this song is a GREAT way to kick it off. I will be buying the album on Dec. 3rd! R&B has been on the upswing this year IMO.


  9. katherinebridge

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  10. Morgan

    I’m still gathering my edges. YESSSSSS, this is real R&B. This album is going to be a banger.


  11. Sya Vic

    God knows we love you Toni Braxton…welcome back! My heart smiled when the song started, so incredible…great job you two. Can’t wait for the album #South Africa


  12. Speechless

    She did that!


  13. bibi93

    I appreciate. Good song.


  14. STEEVE



  15. EdgarC

    Toni Toni Toni, queen Toni is BACK! Loving this track!


  16. Hnotes


    Nice to see good music come back

    I would pay for this & I NEVER pay for music


  17. Aiyana.

    Ok I like the song


  18. Sushi

    I thought she quit music?


    Sebastian Reply:

    @Sushi, Reading is essential.


  19. lena

    real music that can stand the test of time. I have no idea why you would wanna quit, there’s another generation that needs to hear that one of a kind voice!!! you can make us feel so much emotion and dance and that’s what i need toni :)


  20. Shawnaé

    Omg Queen TONI is definately back!!! I love her sooo much!


  21. t



  22. Queen

    this is a great duo team !!!!! love the both of them and cant wait to hear more on dec 3rd!!! excited….


  23. ♪►Muzzac◄♪

    YES, I’M FEELING THIS!!! WELCOME BACK TONI!!! These two are amazing together!!!

    Both their voices sound amazing!!!






  25. Luke

    This is real music. Thank you Toni and Kenny.


  26. Jeanette Alexander

    Toni Braxton are soooooooooooooooooooo!! Amazing.Iam so happy that BABYFACE encouraged Toni, to come back to us. Toni,you and Babyface are magical. Lets also thank Toni’s sister Towanda, for encouraging , and calling babyface to talk with Toni. IAm very much in love with the song.Toni were fabulous at Wingate Park, in Brooklyn, New York on August 12,2013.


  27. Themba

    Whow what beautiful so glad old friends are back together again. .nice collaboration. .need more of this


  28. Maronza

    Sister Toni thats what music should sound like .. From one libra to another you are a legend


  29. albertlee

    i am so glad real music is back and real voices as well, these days everybody sound like robots in there songs! lol


  30. lg

    Toni Finally!!!!shows we I’ve been waiting for you to make a cd. I can’t wait till it drops. Love this sample.
    Thank you!!!!


  31. lg

    Thank you!!! Love it!!! Have been waiting for you!!!


  32. Siyanda Brenda Mandela

    Woow!My word.I can’t get enough of this song.My heart is pumping when I hear it out there.U’ve outdone urselves.


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