John Legend Gets Naked in Funny or Die Skit

John Legend

John Legend has opened up in past interviews, but we bet you’ve never seen him like this. Funny or Die visits the Grammy-winning singer at his home as he shows us what a day in his life is like, consisting of a lot of nudity and showering.

He exercises in the nude, naps naked, and hits the studio to work on his upcoming album Love in the Future—naked. Once he’s done, he watches TV on the couch in the buff with his bulldog Puddy by his side. But the day is not complete without one more shower.

Watch his most revealing interview yet.

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  2. Andy

    I like this but isn’t funny at all.


  3. JD

    This was very strange. Was his butt meant to be reflecting in the oven door at the end?


    d Reply:

    @JD, hahahahahaha at 2:22 look at the oven door


  4. shay

    what i’d give for the unpixelated video.


  5. bibi93

    Respect!! hahaha


  6. trainwreck

    Sexy MF!


  7. mus

    How many sections of the man code did this mofo violate in this video


    DJango Reply:

    John legend is still boring even after this watching this clip


  8. youknowthis

    O_O It wasnt funny, but SEX sells!


  9. kate

    wtf john?


  10. Jason

    damn… i wanna see dat ass tho


  11. Blake

    Fine ass Dude!!! (drools)


  12. DrePOWER

    Ahahahhaaaaaaah John it was amazing))))))funny stuff dude!I gotta go in shower..


  13. ♪►Muzzac◄♪

    OOOOOO YES DADDY!!! I need to be in that bed with him♥


  14. Xavier

    Where do buy the record? LOL!


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