New Music: Iggy Azalea f/ T.I. – ‘Change Your Life’

Change Your Life

Dreams become reality on “Change Your Life,” the new single off Iggy Azalea’s upcoming debut The New Classic. The Aussie rap sensation partners with her Hustle Gang mentor T.I. on the aspirational tune.

“It’s a big record,” said Iggy, who is nominated for Best New Artist at this weekend’s VMAs. “I think it will be good to have T.I. on that single and just show that we’re together, we’re still family.”

She has already shot a video for the song in Las Vegas and will join Beyoncé on the Australian leg of her “Mrs. Carter Show World Tour” this fall.

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  1. aria

    omg this is AMAZINGGGGGGG, could be huge for her!!! loving it!


    Mama Reply:

    @aria, I hope this isn’t as good as it gets on The New Classic. She been talking about this shit for months. Keep it coming mamas!


  2. Zave

    I’m a FAN!! This is it!! Not too hard yet not too soft.


  3. Iggy Azalea – ‘Change Your Life’ (Feat. T.I.)

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  4. Sean

    She’s not nominated for best new artist she’s nominated for artist to watch anyways the song is good but not like everyone says it is it’s to repetitive and autotune because she can’t sing … But the song is good but not better then work


  5. JM

    Have never felt in love with a song so fast. I used to love Iggy but now I am officially obsessed.


  6. Eli

    Yeah this is deff a move in the right direction for Iggy. Sounds Great!


  7. James

    It’s not that good, IMO. I understand she’s going for the female flo-rida/pitbull type thing but I don’t see it working out for her. Buts that’s just what I think, wish her all the best.


  8. DC

    This is the perfect follow up to “Work” and “Bounce”. Iggy’s not going anywhere and this is her statement.


  9. plasti

    trash sounds like work on a different beat


  10. Javis



  11. Javis

    I agree @ aria & zan


  12. JoJo

    Iggy now this is a fucking single

    Ima slay your life, Ima Slay it, Ima slay your life


  13. Kyle

    She is getting closer and closer to superstardom. I can see this song being a hit for her!


  14. TrinaFan

    That’s my bitch! This song is definitely radio friendly. Hope this one smashes!


  15. nicko

    This is so trash, she cant rap for shit.. horrible !





    talkslick Reply:

    @BEDSTUYFLY, lmfao someone posted a pic of iggy somewhere and at first glance I thought it was nicki no lie…smh so sad


    K Reply:

    @BEDSTUYFLY,only person who got replaced is kim a matter fact she replaced her self with all them face offs,you are talking about someone trying to be white,you obviously be talking about f-cking kim with her bleach self and asian looking face that she change so each time she is going through customs,they have to do a DNA test on the spot to see if it,s really f-ckers need to check yall selves and favs before yall trying to talk sh-t about others. f-ckout of her…she even change her music..haven’t heard anything from her recently seems she was like f-cking i can’t fine the real me anymore.


    JustCoastWitHa Reply:

    @BEDSTUYFLY, i like this song BUT she’s trynna be black tho. And if you’re asking how.. The same way Nicki’s “trynna be white”


  17. rw

    Beat sounds exactly like up in flames.


  18. keefem

    Finally some new music
    Get it iggy


  19. kyle

    until you mouthy fucks can make something better shut up wit yo hatin asses. id school all of you when it comes to making music n u dnt see me hatin on it, i think its dope


  20. CantHandletheTruth

    Yaaas! Iggy waiTTT. This bops the fuck DOWNE. Bitch is SERVIN


  21. Ashley

    I’m not feelin it. :( She’s not authentic to me. She comes from Australia. (Where there are literally NO black people.)

    I don’t see her selling out shows…in predominantly black areas like… Atlanta, NYC, DC, Philly etc…

    She’ll be here today, gone tomorrow … sorta like Kreyshawn.


  22. Ashley

    Ooh but she real pretty I give her that.


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