New Music: Sabi f/ Tyga – ‘Cali Love’

Cali Love

The summer may almost be over, but Sabi keeps the party going with her West Coast anthem “Cali Love.” The Inglewood native turns up in the land of palm trees and sunshine, while Compton’s own Tyga drops a verse.

The song, produced by Mark J. Feist (Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland), is the first single from Sabi’s Cali Love EP, due in October.

Pop the top and cruise to her feel-good jam.


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  1. Tahir

    I’ve been down with Sabi since the beginning… But she just sold out for success…. I want the old Sabi back


  2. RihNaj

    Waiting for RapUp to POST MILF already ¬_¬

    nice song tho Sabi ;)


    KOS-MOS-18 Reply:

    @RihNaj, Just go to to get it, the whole album just leaked


  3. mitch

    Hmm.. not feeling it


  4. colie1

    weak. wish it wasn’t so corny


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  6. Romme1930

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  7. ( Imani ) rapper .

    Your songs hot love it , I’m very happy to see a female rapper with Skills,it’s what we need . Love to work with u In the future. (Check me out) , Watch out Rbx Imani . Cail way Rbx Imani .video’s on YouTube.


  8. Povski

    This sounds just like that Bieber song.


    Triniti Reply:

    @Povski, Well, that narrows down the songs we have to choose from. -_-


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