New Music: Sean Paul f/ Nicki Minaj, Juicy J, & 2 Chainz – ‘Entertainment (Remix)’

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj’s love for dancehall is no secret (check her reaction to the reggae performance at the BET Awards). Now the bodacious Barb adds some bounce to Sean Paul’s booty-shaking single “Entertainment” featuring Juicy J and 2 Chainz (produced by Maejor Ali). Nicki delivers a verse so bad she needs a spanking.

“Hit the pole/ Hit the flips/ Do it like Miguel/ I hit the kicks,” she raps on her strip club-ready verse. “Bitch I’m queen, Lizabeth/ Bitch I’m bad, hissy fit.”

Twerk to her spastic remix.


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  1. Ohnika

    Nic done that!!!!

    She went in, best bitch doin it!





    NotIt Reply:

    @NICKIMINAJ, Anything Nicki feature on is not fire! Her verses are mediocre.”bitch I’m bad, hissy fit!” I’m getting upset that Nicki’s lyrics are still on a kids level.


  3. ,.

    Nicki verse is hard af


  4. fa

    Yessssssss!!! “Do it like Miguel.. ” :(( Fiiirrre!!!


  5. girl

    Trash, shoulda kept it.


  6. channel_ROMAN

    She did that.


  7. Glamazon

    *skips to nicki’s verse

    That Miguel Line Got Me Rollin.Lurve The Verse x



    Nicki Minaj equals two words “MASS Murderer”


  9. andrew

    nicki this year has been on fire.. now she has to release one song by her around grammy time. bitch has 17 features this year…. winning


  10. Nicki Minaj VERSE

    2:04 for u barbz searching for her verse


  11. minajonce

    I’m seriously sick of all these features she is doing,this isnt 2010 anymore,she aint no upcoming artist anymore.She’s fucking Nicki Minaj.she needs to higher her standards.





    jayjay Reply:

    @minajonce, dat is 1 dumb ass comment lol we all know nicki be runnin it whether she features or not…can u do any better??? u beta check urself hahaha


  12. plastic

    Damnn nicki went hard


  13. Tim

    I’m glad Nicki’s getting is doing features again (reminds me of the Pink Friday Days), but it’s kind of an over kill now. She’s needs too be her all into making her third album a classic Hip-Hop album full of meaningful dope music, because Roman Reloaded wasn’t up to par in my opinion.

    Also, Nciki’s music is starting to become repetitive & juvenile. Now I’m not saying she’s wack or anything like that, but you can only rap about your Ass, Pussy & Breast for so long. I’m a true fan Nicki’s (I’ve been their since Playtime Is Over) & as a fan I want her artistry to evolve.


  14. China

    NICKI KILLED IT ,, to bad its hard to get a hit nowadays ,, she need to start making more pop music so she could get them top 5′s


  15. thais

    another weak ass song that Nicki minaj saved


  16. Louie d Lewis

    Y’all bitches couldn’t fuck wit me on my worst day…. FUCK OUTTA HERE!


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  18. darrenbravo

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  19. ♪►Muzzac◄♪

    Well if you bitches kept up with Nicki you would know this year is going to be all features, and she is working on her album right now to drop it early next year! STUPID HOES!



    Can’t wait for the album Nicki!!!


  20. Wow609

    Musically she is starting to fall off. Not one hit all year and this won’t be different


    wow Reply:

    @Wow609, these are features not even her’s. High School was a hit always on the radio n clubs. Nicki doesnt care if her features are’nt hits. Nicki makes music only for her fans. She has 1 of the largest fan bases period.


    Wow609 Reply:

    @wow, remember “features” is wat made this chick big do not pull that card now because it’s not working for her. It’s sad that she has nearly sold 2 million units and had such a huge success with singles and features 3 years ago. To not even making the top 20 on the hot 100s chart or even a Grammy nomination. But she ain’t fall off right?


    channel_ROMAN Reply:

    @Wow609, She had success with features with Justin Bieber and Alicia Keys. She’s on songs with FLOPS this year. That’s why the shit is not selling. She flopped with Mariah Carey back in 2010 too. Lil Freak was a moderate success just like I’m Out. Then there’s freaking artist who don’t promote their tracks at all. Not one R&B act is performing at the VMA’s. Mario should’ve promoted Somebody Else there. Tap Out charted good and is gold. That’s good for rappers. And IWBWY just started impacting radio and Birdman said he’s going to get it pushed like he did with TapOut. She has 3 pop features for us so she’ll be good. Love More is selling more than Don’t think they know so that’s good.


    channel_ROMAN Reply:

    @Wow609, She’s been working with flops all year. But when those features with these pop artist come out she’ll be seeing top 40 again. Birdman got the machine going for Tap Out and he’ll have one for IWBWY too. These other artist labels are not pushing their music.


    It'sthetruth Reply:

    @channel_ROMAN, yeah okay. Lol we will see. She gonna have to rely on the pop songs to even attempt a return to billboard. Her Rap career just about over. And her Grammy dreams in 2014 are looking like no noms.


    nicko Reply:

    @It’sthetruth, She has 2 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 right now DUMBASS !! Love More is at #74 n Tapout is at #51. N she has had 7 BB hot 100 entries this year so far !! do your research ;)ignorant HATER !


    K Reply:

    It’sthetruth no one making excuses why are you talking sh-t,about nicki like something is wrong,she is doing her thing just like she did before her first album,even if the songs haven’t charted high they still making the chart,and people is still buying them..all now that pop songs usually chart high these are all rap verses straight rap,no pop.


  21. JustCoastWitHa

    Bodied yet ANOTHER verse.

    Miguel prolly gon be tight tho lol


  22. oh

    Yall worried about charts and sales I care about the music like your supposed to


  23. Prince Minaj

    lets not forget that Nicki was nominated for a GRAMMY and was snubbed by some unknown EDM artist and then she didnt get nominated for her polarizing album Pink Friday Roman Reloaded b/c the GRAMMY people sabotaged her by making her perform Romans Holiday last year if she had performed “Starships” it would have been her first #1 hit but the GRAMMYs messed her up


  24. nicko

    Queen Minaj slaying once again !!! cant wait for the 3rd album !!


  25. Anon...

    You delusional stans, just remember YOU’RE paying for all these features, YOU’RE going broke. If you guys keep sugar coating and claiming every feature so far has slayed, Nicki will not move up. I want her to do better and get on top the next era, but not like this. Honesty is really needed.


  26. Anon...

    She’s done soo many features this year, the majority of you will never listen to them again, you’ll forget about them and they will just be collecting dust. That’s a waste of her time and yours too.


  27. Whatever...

    I’m loving the Nicki features. Someone said she needs to stop them and have higher standards… Ummm NO she doesn’t! Hip hop started from those places and a lot of rappers come from those areas. The art was made to speak for those types of ppl. As it expands more ppl can enjoy it but it must stay in its roots. THE BOTTOM.


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  29. zenani

    nicki girl! U nailed it,but now have another album nt pink fridayz plzz…Love ya


  30. NiCkIkEnZ

    Look haters nicki did her thing and I yearned for them and it really paid off in all her features. Now haters “the lil Trini girl is getting top cheques” in making music,what are you getting?….smh dumbos


  31. darrion "barbie gang leader" gary

    Nicki u be showin out hit my email up wen u read dis


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