Video: Raekwon f/ Estelle – ‘All About You’

Raekwon and Estelle

Raekwon cooks up a collaboration for the ladies with his new single “All About You.” The Chef teams with Estelle in the red-hued clip, which was shot in New York in June. He works through relationship drama and hits the club with his British co-star, who rocks a Bulls jersey. The Jerry Wonda-produced song shows a softer side of the Wu-Tang Clan MC.

“I wanted to glorify the women [in this song] because I do have a lot of fans that are women and they say, ‘Yo Rae, make something for us,” he tells Fuse News. “We know you as that MC skillful guy that you are, but make a record for the women.”

He previously worked with Estelle on 2011′s “Chop Chop Ninja.” “Just to work with Estelle again is a great thing because her voice is golden to me,” says Raekwon. “We have chemistry when it comes to making great music.”

Raekwon’s solo album Fly International Luxurious Art is due early next year, while Wu-Tang is set to reunite with their first album in six years, A Better Tomorrow.

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  1. Raaaandy

    please kwon give us that real old school flow, not dat empty r’n’b house beats and estelle. still got mad love for you


  2. Raaaandy

    yo kwon, please give us back the old school sh we are waiting for, this is sounds soo 2004.


  3. channel_ROMAN

    @Raaaandy, I apologize on behalf of this illiterate fool before me. Anyways, I heard this song on the radio and fell in love with it. I didn’t know who was the artist on it until now. Is it on iTunes?


  4. bibi93

    Very good


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  6. LaMont

    This is a really good song! I’m feelin’ this!!! I’m a fan of Raekwon and Estelle, good collaboration.


  7. domenico

    I love it!


  8. sexysadies

    OMG i love this song and love this video. Raekwon the Chef keeps it so gully over some beautiful beautiful beats. The horns the hook and Estelle’s swag along with Raekwon muscle makes this song a certified banger!!!!!! With music like this I can bang the chef every night. Wutang General. This song makes my panties wet.


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