Video: Snoop Lion – ‘The Good Good’

Snoop Lion and Family

It’s a family affair in the feel-good video for Snoop Lion’s “The Good Good,” the Diane Warren-penned song off his latest album Reincarnated.

The rapper-turned-reggae star spreads peace and love in the all-white visuals, which co-star Snoop’s wife Shante Broadus, three kids (Cori B, Corde, and Cordell), and singer Mali Nicole. The clip doubles as a music video and continuation of Snoop’s ad campaign.

Get high off the good vibes.

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  1. Ohhweee

    Ohhhweee Honeychild Cori B is blacker then the whole fam-lay wow snoop dohgg/lion is not the baby’s father honaaayyy. snoop’s wife u betta get a DNA Test gurll, u hope u found the real baby’s daddy hun.


    AH Reply:

    Who cares? Obviously he loves and cares for her. I hate ignorant judgemental comments like that.


    Ohhweee Reply:

    @AH, Awww how so touchin u poor lil thang u. GET OVER IT BY0TCH


    Tim Reply:

    @Ohhweee, That beautiful mahogany skin is perfect, & you sir need to be stoned for your ignorant ass comment & way of thinking. Its people like you who hold us “African Americans” back from getting past that slave mentality that was instilled in our ancestors by their white slave master’s for negative, hateful & divisional purposes.

    I bet Snoop’s daughter can look into her mirror & smile at the refection she’s looking at, something you probably can’t do & will never have the heart to do.



    jayjay Reply:

    @Ohhweee, u aint got no respect girl,aint noone judgin u, 4 all u know u aint even know your daddy so stop hatin…its none of ur business!Respect da Music n all those in it…1 love


  2. meme

    you are right about that. its so obvious


  3. Ice

    The only thing reggae about this song is the beat and the positive message, his voice isn’t reggae.


  4. smartguy12

    Yo, that song… whatever.
    But Snoop’s youngest son… Lawd hammercy.


  5. diane

    I love this family, and this song is nice, but Snoop CANNOT sing reggae.

    Ciara is the only American who is an excellent reggae singer.


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