Behind the Video: Robin Thicke f/ Kendrick Lamar & 2 Chainz – ‘Give It 2 U’

Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke stirred controversy with his steamy video for “Blurred Lines,” and he’s about to heat up the screen again. The R&B crooner, whose T.I. and Pharrell-assisted hit is No. 1 for a 11th consecutive week, reteamed with director Diane Martel to shoot a sex-drenched video for his new single “Give It 2 U” featuring Kendrick Lamar and 2 Chainz.

A shirtless Thicke hit the football field with his sexy co-stars, dressed as football players and cotton candy. “It’s a Diane Martel dream, and I’m just happy to be here,” he told MTV News. “The thing about Diane Martel that makes it so amazing—besides just being a crazy genius—is that she combines all different parts of the world into one soup. She takes the cotton candy, she takes the beautiful football-playing girls and she mixes it all up into one beautiful pot. So we’re all very lucky to have her and excited to be working with her again.”

Kendrick drove a mini-truck down the 25-yard line with a lady in his lap as confetti flew across the field. “Kendrick is driving mini monster trucks, and he’s a genius,” said Thicke. “We’re just excited to have him here, to have him on the song and as part of this video.”

The “Give It 2 U” video will premiere tonight at 7:53 p.m. on MTV. Go behind the scenes of Thicke’s football fantasy below.

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  1. caroline

    This song is awfuul
    after blurredlines we wait for big ig songs

    “THE GOOD LIFE” s asgood as blrredlines o h betta release tis song!


    Truth Reply:

    @caroline, Can you learn to write before u post? What grade are u in little girl?


    Ice Reply:

    @caroline, The Good Life is the worst track on the album. This is another guaranteed hit for him, especially with Kendrick’s buzz off of Control.


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