New Music: Dawn Richard f/ JoJo – ‘Valkyrie (Art of War Remix)’

JoJo and Dawn Richard

Dawn Richard dropped her two Blackheart singles “Judith” and “Valkyrie” earlier this week, and now she surprises her Hearts with the remix to “Valkyrie.” The R&B powerhouse joins forces with Rap-Up favorite JoJo on the Noisecastle III-produced record, which also features vocals from Deonte.

“This record is special in many ways,” said Dawn. “I wanted to do a collab with a female to show the essence of the record. A sort of female anthem. There is a cockiness in the record. It was only right to ask JoJo just because we are kindred spirits. I wanted her to feature on a record people wouldn’t expect her to do. I didn’t want the typical. The result is a masterpiece.”

Listen to the ladies unexpected collabo below.

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  1. FashionKilla



    jones Reply:

    @FashionKilla, worst sh8t i ever heard. people will commit suicide if they look at her with a fake gun to the head and that black heart music


  2. TrinaFan

    U say JoJo, I’m there. Shit is hot!


  3. Chad

    i dont hear jojo..


    Kahari Reply:

    @Chad: I only heard her mumble a few “uh-uh’s” towards the last few seconds of the song, but this song was typically all about Dawn. I’m pissed because I expected an actual duet and not the extended version of the original thing. Dawn and JoJo are both creative enough to flip this record and write something more original. I’m disappointed at best.


    Matt Basically Reply:

    @Kahari and @Chad, You’re not listening hard enough then.

    They added Jojo’s vocals to the chorus (she’s one of the higher harmonies).

    She also ad libs over the chorus from 1:09-1:22.

    And you know that verse that starts at 2:04? That’s all Jojo. And that’s a verse they added JUST for the remix.

    So she didn’t just “mumble a few ‘uh-uh’s’ towards the end.


  4. Rool Over

    Nice 1, lovin this… :-)


  5. Jaycortezz

    Chad, JoJo has her own verse starting at 2:05

    Lord, im in love with her.


  6. Phanyie

    I just LOVE it! They need to do another song!!


    Matt Basically Reply:

    @Phanyie, another song? They need to do a whole ALBUM so I can get my whole entire LIFE.


    Phanyie Reply:

    @Matt Basically, Agreed! ;D


    suph8er Reply:

    @Phanyie, JoJo just needs to join Danity Kane


    LionHeart Reply:

    @suph8er, if JoJo joined Danity Kane my life would be fully received!!!!


    Matt Basically Reply:

    @LionHeart, If Jojo joined Danity Kane, I would die. I would just STOP LIVING.
    My heart be still…

  7. suph8er

    Right? Youu know how dope their album would be if JoJo joined? Especially since Dawn and JoJo can write, and JoJo would blend in so well with the rest of the group. Plus when JoJo gets free from Blackground she should just go independent as a solo artist, and work with Danity Kane lol.


  8. @KingCoward

    I do wish they would have flipped it some more. This was just barely enough to quench my thirst for Dawn/JoJo collabo.

    Overall this was good…but I need/want more. :)


  9. The Crowd Updater

    Both of their voices are better than this auto-tuned hot mess.
    Sorry, but I’m not feeling it.
    With that being said, they should def make another song together… a collab from them would be hot(I’m officially ignoring this shit and pretending it doesn’t exist)


  10. J



  11. Lando

    I like it. Auto-tune drowns out a little, but definitely something you could still get it to.


  12. Alex

    If you can’t recognise Jojo’s voice then that is a fail in itself :’]

    Love this.


  13. CurtisDonDeano

    Sounds like a song that would have to grow on me, but I like it so far….They should make an entire mixtape. Rap-Up…I know you guys are tight with both Dawn and Jojo b/c you update us on their music all the time! PLEASE TELL THEM TO MAKE A MIXTAPE


  14. Phanyie

    JoJo & Dawn = DREAMTEAM!!
    They need to do an album together like Watch the Throne ;D


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