Eminem Announces New Album ‘The Marshall Mathers LP’


Shady’s back. During Sunday’s VMAs, Eminem took the opportunity to announce his new album MMLP2 (Marshall Mathers LP 2).

Due November 5, the sequel to 2000′s The Marshall Mathers LP will be executive produced by Dr. Dre and Rick Rubin. The first single, “Berzerk,” will premiere Tuesday, August 27.

Listen to a snippet below.

UPDATE: Watch a new commercial for Beats by Dr. Dre’s Studio headphones starring Eminem.

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  1. Tunechi

    slim shady’s Back


  2. Debrov

    OMG, Guess Whos Back O.O The King


  3. Chris Robinson

    Cant wait still dont get his due from black america hed a top 5 rappers of all_time


    Jamal Reply:

    @Chris Robinson, u are aware BET names him the best rapper of the 00′s lol he definitely got his dues. despite ppl who fringe on racism like you do. smh


  4. Chris Robinson

    He still dont get his due from black america finally i can listen to a rapper that’s talking about something with this album he will b yhe num 1 selling rapper of all time think about


    Double D Reply:

    @Chris Robinson, Shut up man, Im black and Em is one of my favorite rappers. Quit being a bigoted little idiot. Because most black rappers will never get their dues from white america.


  5. Hannah

    I’ve been waiting for this moment for 3 years. It’s about time! November could not come soon enough! “IT FEELS SO GOOD TO BE BACK!”


  6. Jesuss

    Wow what a newzzzzz baby !!!!


  7. Daniel

    Lol that preview is on some LL Cool J/Beastie Boys ish !


    Jamal Reply:

    @Daniel, lol right!


  8. JustCruise

    This year has been GREAT for music. It’s unbelievable. Everyone’s releasing new albums and the year’s not over yet. Grammy’s are gonna have quite a few options next year cause Jay-Z, Kanye, Drake, Eminem, J. Cole, Justin Timberlake with TWO albums and the year’s not over yet. This is a hell of a year. Next year might be kind of quite though.


    JustCruise Reply:

    @JustCruise, *quiet.


  9. pete



  10. Hugh

    Drops Mic

    Em + Dre + Rick Rubin!


  11. Aqs

    Em should make another joint with 50 and Dre..
    They always made hits working together


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  13. Encore

    Slim Shady is always number one!


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