Kanye West Performs ‘Blood on the Leaves’ at VMAs

Kanye West

All hail Yeezus. Kanye West returned to the VMAs on Sunday to perform “Blood on the Leaves.” North West’s father appeared in a silhouette against a backdrop of a lynching tree during the haunting set, which was designed by DONDA.

His baby mama Kim Kardashian was watching back at home and tweeted, “Best performance of the night @kanyewest !!!!!!!!!”

Watch his powerful performance below.

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  1. Julez.

    Best performance of the night !!!! Justin killed it too. Kings.


    r Reply:

    @Julez., is that a joke? it was horrible. and i love kanye


  2. ,.

    Best performance of the night,


  3. c

    Shocked with all the actual VMA performances, very well done. Pre-show… well they were lacking haha.


  4. ok

    the only good thing that came out of this vma night was eminem announcing his new album!


  5. wonderland19

    Enjoyed that.


  6. ea

    Def a dope ass performance


  7. Nick wright

    he could perform something better of the album


  8. Hugh



  9. anon

    Absolutely incredible outstanding performance by Kanye!! I wouldn’t have expected any less! To the haters not liking this performance- you obviously don’t understand the powerful meaningful message behind this song and visuals, so anything you say is irrelevant. To the haters saying he’s crazy jumping around- clearly you don’t comprehend the emotion he was trying to convey. To the haters that don’t like his new stuff- as Jay Z once said “Niggas want my old sh*t, buy my old albums”.


  10. K O B E

    Best performance! The way he used the shadows to resemble the lynching incident was amazing.


  11. ♪►Muzzac◄♪

    LOVED IT, I was glad he didn’t perform that dumb Black Skinhead song!


  12. DRAKE

    Did he use Auto tune for this? Or his voice just awesome?


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