Lady Gaga Opens VMAs with ‘Applause’

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga opened the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards with a rip-roaring set. Mother Monster performed her new ARTPOP single “Applause” for the first time at Sunday’s show.

She changed clothes and wigs multiple times—from a nun’s white outfit to a seashell bikini—while recreating looks from the artsy music video.

See Gaga’s show-stopping set below.

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  1. KenBarbUK



  2. TPS

    Best Performance since Like A Virgin Hollywodd-Medley 2003


    fa Reply:

    there is at least 3 other performances that are far better than this…
    if u need a reminder google:
    Madonna VMA and enjoy all of them!


    J Reply:

    @fa, some people have a different opinion, leave it at that@


  3. c

    Such an amazing performance. Even if you don’t like her, you have to admit she has talent. Not only can she sing, she can dance and write her own music! Can’t wait to hear more from ARTPOP!


  4. len1975

    Not much of a fan but I must say Gaga killed that performance and I actually like that song!!!


  5. Jay

    that was a fucking mess and you all know it. Delusional.


    Julez Reply:

    @Jay, I agree! Her body was rocking in the end but that performance was far from great.


  6. Mhm

    that performance was sloppy and a huge mess . sheesh kanyes was better and that was ass


  7. To

    @CallMeSodaPop: It’s crazy how you can be at the top of your game and haters just continue to shit on you lol just shows how many ppl don’t have lives #Gaga gives this industry clout ! Rather you guck with her or not right now in our generation there is not one doing what she dose so applaud her ! Cause she lives for it ! Bitches !


    Croqque Reply:

    @To, co-sign


  8. bow down

    Great Opening! Gaga fucked that stage up I love this performance and it just made me love the song more than I already do, u can’t tell that she just recovered from a broken hip, she slayed. I’m ready for #ARTPOP


  9. Eli

    She’s purely entertaining. I’m impressed. This bitch switched wigs and clothes like 3 times and her Ass did look real fine! I think the song is huge grower.


  10. lexi

    I thought the peformance seemed rushed, but she said this was going to be her best performance ever. She’s had better performance in concert. At least it was better than Miley though.


  11. ♪►Muzzac◄♪

    I liked the dancing, that was it. Kind of lame performance…


  12. bibi93

    very good!!


  13. meem

    i am simply not entertained by her anymore….


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