Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Perform with Jennifer Hudson at VMAs

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis capped off a banner year by adding two KAWS Moonmen to their mantle. The Seattle duo won for Best Hip-Hop Video and Best Video with a Social Message and performed their single “Same Love” with Mary Lambert. Jennifer Hudson also made a surprise appearance, dueting with them on the powerful tune about same-sex marriage.

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  1. K.I.N.G

    boooo this clowns won undeservingly


    soulwoman Reply:

    @K.I.N.G, sorry, but this is a peace of music that touches the roots of rap – socio-critical. of course no cars, b*tches and money is touched, so it has to be bad and clowns perfomed it.

    @raj live on. white people, black people – whats up with that? are you somebody that always says other people are responsible for your actions oder inactions? or only the white ones?

    i really like j. cole and kendrick too. both do good music, but this one was/is a little better.


    Sushi Reply:

    @K.I.N.G, Whoa. Hold on there. So you’re not about equality, and you’re not about good music? You just like songs that talks about bitches, cars, and money? Wow. How old are you? 15?


  2. Raj

    It’s a white awards show. Predominately white people vote. J. Cole and Kendrick stood no chance, though I thought Drake’s stans would’ve voted for him in droves like they usually do. Sad. We know our black men are talented.


    Bobby Reply:

    @Raj, LOL I sweaaaaaaar people always play the race card. I don’t like Mackelmore, I do think they pulled a Lady Gaga and play the homosexual-crusade card a lot (meaning; they play on supporting equality so much because they know theres a huge market of people there willing to go above and beyond to support them) but I don’t think it had to do with them being white. I am white/latino and gay so it isn’t a biased opionon.


  3. diane

    I asked, just last week, if this was the same award show that has been humiliating black performers every since kanye got on their and made his stupid beyonce better than taylor announcment, and IT IS!!

    It seemed to me that they nominated black entertainers just to humiliate them by giving the award to the most undeserving white or spanish act LOL

    Melissa looked like she was going to kill everyone when rihanna didnt win LOL

    Rihanna looked like, I dont care about winning, as long as I lose to a white girl – fool!

    When that white boy imitated chris brown, and these 2 who won everything imitated kanye, and that spanish girl imitated beyonce, and when that disgusting miley backed up on robin, I thought I would throw up for real.

    Someone should tell her that a white man who loves dark meat will never give her the time of day. EVER! I guess she was trying to make his wife jealous.

    No one even dared try to imiate Ciara dancing singing performing because they knew they could never make it happen, and that is why I love her. She looked like a true Queen in that white gown and King Future too.

    Justin Timberlake look like someone dirty old uncle with that hat on his bald head. Who he think he fooling.

    Lady Gaga was great until she refused to wear clothes. Just cause u have a great body dont mean u have to be naked in the audience.

    katy perry was her usual mediocre self.

    2 Chainz was great as usual.

    Robin Thicke great as usual. Eventhough I dont know why he let that pathetic excuse of a chickenhead share the stage with him.

    Good to see Lil Kim well.

    Jennifer was featured with the boys above, but they didn’t say her name or give her credit. The fat white girl with them was real good.

    Drake OK as usual. Nothing special.

    I thought 2 chainz or kendrick might whip out a weapon when these white boys won LOL just kidding LOL

    Pink is my fave white girl of all time. I put her up there with Ciara, but they rarely give her the credit she deserves. That video she was nominated for is a masterpiece.

    Bruno Mars is amazing. Cant take that away from him.

    Blacks however should not feel slighted by this award show, because we have BET awards, Hip hop awards, Soul train awards, etc etc, and very few whites grace those stages. White folks need to have something for themselves, and they did better than us with sharing the stage and limelight.

    Glad to see that they played Ciara’s I’m Out, and Chris Brown between sets. That’s more than most black performers received.


    Sushi Reply:

    @diane, I have never seen such a racist.. essay.

    1) Why are you comparing Kanye vs Macklemore & Ryan Lewis? Kanye raps about how good he is, and all of the stupid things he raps, like how he’s God.

    2) And you’re really racist & stereotyping Justin Timberlake, not only that, but also PROFILING him, and judging the way he looks.

    3)Lol @ Lil’ Kim

    4)Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis didn’t need to introduce Jeniffer Hudson’s name, because she’s a recognizable face in the public media. She’s even a powerful vocalists like Beyonce, Christina, and Mariah. See? Their names alone, identifies who they are. No one needs to know their last names to know EXACTLY who they are. And plus, Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis didn’t even say Miranda’s name during the beginning, so why complain? And I can’t believe you just called her fat! “Boys above”? You’re either 10x racist, lazy, or both!

    Just reading your essay, I’ve never seen so much racism. You’re like the Martin Luther King Jr. Opposite! You don’t want equality, you’re just mad.

    I on the other hand, am bi-racial. So I know HOW to look on both sides of the eyes, for me not to use racial slurrs. It’ll only make one race look even worse. You’re setting a very good example at that.


    diana Reply:

    @Sushi, I have no idea why you call me a rascist. No idea whatsoever. Point to a specific rascist statement I made and I will address it.

    Everyone in the world DOES NOT know Jennifer Hudson. If it was OK for them not to say Jennifer name because you say everyone knows it, then they certainly didn’t have to say Katy Perry and Lady Gaga a million times.

    It is not rascist for me to point out that white performers were imitating black ones, when it was plain as the nose on your face, and they historically have done so.

    If timberlake look like somebody middle age uncle, that’s his parents fault for giving him bad aging genes LOL LOL

    Most rappers words dont make sense to me. I dont listen to their nonsensical lyrics, but I do watch them perform and flail around like a special needs kids having a seizure LOL and that is something Macklemore copied from Kanye.



  4. Give me a break

    It’s only a groundbreaking track no one has even come close to touching before. No big deal, right?

    Undeservingly? Give me a break. Not a word, by the way.


  5. TRA

    I am not a hardcore fan of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ music, but Macklemore and Ryan Lewis makes good music. I believe Kanye West, Jay-Z, Drake, Nas, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and J.Cole are the best rappers and best music artists in hip hop music right now, but Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are better than the worst rappers in hip hop right now. I had a chance to watch Macklemore and Ryan Lewis perform with Jennifer Hudson at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, while they were performing the song “Same Love”; and I thought it was a good performance.

    In response to K.I.N.G., you can make the argument that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis didn’t deserve to win their MTV awards over Drake and Kendrick Lamar, but to call Macklemore and Ryan Lewis clowns is going way too far and over the top. I believe 2 Chainz, Future, French Montana, Chief Keef, Gucci Mane, Juicy J, and some other rappers are far worse than Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. In my unbiased opinion, The BET Awards, The BET Hip-Hop Awards, The MTV Video Music Awards, The Country Music Awards, The American Music Awards, and The Grammy Awards represent everything that is wrong with this country from politics to popularity to racism to undeserving winners. All these award shows should have more diversity, but at the same time, more deserving winners.


    curve ball Reply:

    @TRA, I agree that Drake, Nas, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar are great rappers, and have the potential to produce great material, but they CHOOSE subjects that are literally awful. Swimming pools has a wiff of reflection about drinking too much, but the message seems to be quite funny – which i think encourages kids to drink. Oh and think gun culture is funny. Drake talks shit – which disappoints me because Take Care was a nice chilled album. Case in point, “they know”: “I guess it really is just me, myself, and all my millions/You know that they ain’t even got it like that”. All brag and swagger. Put it away man! Eminem was too much swagger, too much anger. Nas hasn’t had a good album since 2000… Macklemore for flow and lyrics, hands down, no where near clowns and incomparible, right this second looking at their current material, with Drake, Nas, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar. They all need to raise their game.


  6. F U



  7. channel_ROMAN

    This years VMA’s was hot garbage. Who let Lil’ Kim out of her pokeball last night?


  8. ♪►Muzzac◄♪

    Loved their performance, and J Hud slayed! SAME LOVE! #GayRights


  9. curve ball

    Rapping about oppression rather than money, guns, sex and drugs. I hope other artists raise their game. Macklemore is way above the rest. He deserves the recognition for talented flow and intelligent lyrics.


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