Kendrick Lamar Speaks Out on ‘Control’ Verse

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar caused a firestorm with his verse on Big Sean’s “Control,” but he hasn’t been heard from until now. In an interview with “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” on Power 106, the Compton rapper finally addressed the explosive track.

Kendrick called out his peers including J. Cole, Wale, Drake, Meek Mill, and Mac Miller on the Hall of Fame leftover. The song spawned several fiery responses from MCs including Joell Ortiz, Papoose, B.o.B, and Cassidy.

But he was surprised by the reaction. “Honestly I didn’t know there would be so much speculation behind it,” said Kendrick. “I just wanted to rap. Anybody that knows me doing music, I wanna just rap.”

He also proclaimed himself the “king of New York,” which rubbed some rappers the wrong way. “I think that’s the case right there of maybe I just dumbed down my lyrics just a little bit,” he said.

But he didn’t mean it literally. He had a conversation with some of hip-hop’s elite, who weren’t offended by his verse. “The irony of that line is the people that actually understood it and got it, was the actual kings of New York,” explained K-Dot. “You know, me sitting down with them this past week and them understanding that it’s not about actually being the king of whatever coast. It’s about leaving a mark as great as Biggie, as great as ‘Pac.”

Listen to what he had to say.

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  1. joe

    he killed chris brown on that verse though, for real


    Dee Reply:

    @joe, WTF are you talking about? Chris Brown?? smdh


  2. Frankie

    Oh, please! The shit flowed out of his mouth, don’t be surprised by the backlash.





    The Crowd Updater Reply:

    @@SLICKERTHANSLY, THIS SHIT TIMES A MILLION!! LOL. But no seriously, notice how the rappers Kendrick named haven’t really made a response track yet, they just took note like, “aight, this nigga on my heels, time for me to step my bars up.” All the pressed rappers (who weren’t even named) made a response track like the next day! They all missed the point. Lamar on another level, he just about the music.He enjoy what he do and he just wanna be the best at it


  4. pete

    kendrik said only the kings of newyork understand the lyricsss….eveyone who responded are fools…shots fired


  5. Kendrick Lamar Finally Breaks Silence On ‘Control’ Backlash, "King Of NY" Line [Audio] | Blog at

    [...] the ample name-drops and proclamation of being the king of New York, K. Dot admitted the backlash surprised him. “Honestly I didn’t know there would be so much speculation behind it,” said [...]

  6. mark ofthebeast143

    talk about narcissistic(full of ones self). Man makes a statement then back pedals on it. Next he claiming artistic views metaphorically rhymes only a few can decipher. Pls, get da fuq out of here lame-oh(kendra babar).


  7. chris_shorts

    even after he explains people still dont understand like wtf people are just so slow … point blank period Kendrick was basically saying niggas get your bars up because aint to much hot shit going on right now lyrically its all dumbed down and commercial fuckery.. anyone who doesn’t understand that is just a fool


  8. Jonathan

    This nigga so damn overrated. Artistic metaphor my ass, please tell me what real bars, clever metaphors, and hardcore punchlines does this dude have? He has annoying ad libs and he is just an artist you bop your head to, but as far as being an iconic rapper, Nah son that’s straight up bullshit. FOH


  9. Baby doll

    I really,really agree with u Jonathan. U’r very Inelligent & thank u,for speaking truthfully.


  10. Drew

    “I’m living the life of a nigga trapped nigga
    Inside the system, all you envision is trap niggas
    My uncle doing life, inside prison he wasn’t wrapped too tight
    He told me to rap about life, not rap niggas
    That’s why I’m shaking my head when you rap dissing
    My stomach start turning, my nerves get to the twitching
    I start evaluating, then my final intuition
    Is that you wishing a come up, would just come up
    We used to beefing over a turf, fuck beefing over a verse
    Niggas dying, motherfuck a double entendre”

    Plenty more where that came from before the mainstream. He has a new cliche-dumbass-rap-fan audience now, so he must dumb down to satisfy the masses. Hopefully he can balance it well and keep up with the good stuff too.


  11. Drew

    The Heart pt2, HiiiPower, Keisha’s Song, Sing About Me, Real, P&P 1.5, Ignorance is Bliss… I could go on. Plenty of “Real Bars” here. His Control verse is simply dumbed down mixtape freestyle jibber jabber that for whatever reason, the common dumbass mainstream rap listener thinks is quality. Youtube any of those songs and then tell me he’s so damn overrated and compared to whom.


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