Tracklisting: Jessie J – ‘Alive’


Next month, Jessie J will return with her sophomore album Alive. The blonde Brit has revealed the back cover art and tracklisting on Twitter.

The 13-track follow-up to her 2011 debut Who You Are includes appearances from Brandy, Becky G, Big Sean, and Dizzee Rascal, plus production from Dr. Luke, Ammo, and Claude Kelly.

“It’s a lot of big vocals, a lot of vocal tricks, but still huge pop choruses,” Kelly told Rap-Up TV. “She’s colorful and over the top so you’re gonna have that still.”

U.K. fans will be able to get their hands on the album first come September 23. See the tracklisting below.

Alive Tracklisting

1. “It’s My Party”
2. “Thunder”
3. “Square One”
4. “Sexy Lady”
5. “Harder We Fall”
6. “Breather”
7. “I Miss Her”
8. “Daydreamin”
9. “Excuse My Rude” feat. Becky G
10. “Wild” feat. Big Sean and Dizzee Rascal
11. “Gold”
12. “Conquer the World” feat. Brandy
13. “Alive”


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  1. Cobie



  2. channel_ROMAN

    She will flop. Where’s the deluxe?


    Frankie Reply:

    @channel_ROMAN, You’re foolish.


    Rihnavy09 Reply:

    @channel_ROMAN, Lol nicki stand can’t call anyone a flop. Her damn album sold 30k first week lmfaooooo


    YxxngClan Reply:

    @Rihnavy09, that’s only for the re-release, which some artist do & can’t really be classified as an album. That’s good numbers for a re-release. Eminem did it also. Know what you’re talking about before you make a fool of yourself. Her first 2 actual albums both went platinum, the 1st went 2x platinum. Now please shut up & don’t say anything about a Grammy.


    Fuck-Roman Reply:

    @channel_ROMAN, fucking hater


    Jay Reply:

    @channel_ROMAN, your moms flopped when she had you.


  3. Connectarian

    Looks solid! Excited for the Brandy duet. Two very different vocal styles on one track. Should be interesting and hopefully a classic!


  4. Dave

    What about the US?


  5. Kyle

    I’m not really into any of her new stuff this time around. Her best song is definitely “Who You Are.” Her vocals are amazing on that track.


  6. Wonderland19

    Looking forward to this!


  7. TRP

    I want to hear a soul/R&B album from Jessie J, kind of like when Christina did “Back To Basics”. She has a soulful voice, but she’s still pretty much a pop artist. I’m just curious how a strickly R&B project would sound from her.


  8. DT

    How in Gods name could she have looked at that picture and be like; Yeah, thats the cover.


    CoolieJ Reply:



    On another note, I can’t wait to hear the track with Brandy!


  9. bibi93

    Great talent from UK!!


  10. come_on

    where’s the track with calvin harris?


  11. Couture

    I cant wait to hear the track with her and Brandy


  12. FOH

    Oh shit she got Brandy on the album! That should be interesting, cant wait to hear!


  13. Olivia J

    Hii Jessie J love you Xx


  14. Olivia J

    Hi Jessie J wuu2 xxx


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