Chris Brown Performs on ‘Today’ Summer Concert Series

Chris Brown

Chris Brown kicked off Labor Day weekend with a visit to the “Today” Summer Concert Series. The R&B singer took over New York’s Rockefeller Plaza to perform a mini-concert for Team Breezy, who camped out all night to see him. With his girlfriend Karrueche Tran in the audience, he performed his X hits “Fine China” and “Love More,” plus Sean Kingston’s “Beat It.”

Breezy suffered a seizure earlier this month, but is doing fine. “I’m good, I’m good. Just needed some rest, that’s it,” he said.

But when asked about his recent “negative” tweets, he shut down Matt Lauer. “It’s not my music,” he said, avoiding the question. “I’m loving my fans.”

He made headlines when he tweeted that X would possibly be his last album, but he didn’t say if he planned to leave the business. “I’m just putting out the music for now,” said the 24-year-old. “I’m going to continue to work for my fans and make sure they have fun.”

Watch him shut it down on stage below.

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  1. meme

    its hard to believe he was once a really attractive guy. He looks horrible, absolutely horrible. I dont know why brothers do this to themselves.


    Anna Reply:

    @meme, so true. He ruined himself with his tattoos


    diane Reply:

    @meme, It’s a form of self mutilation. When a person has been unmercifully mentally abused they absorb a lot of self hatred.

    I saw him before the incident, use up half of his show promoting the demon who turned on him, provoked him, and repaid his good deeds in the worse way possible.

    People have to be careful who they help. God brings people down for a reason, to teach them sometimes, and when you interfere with his process you go down with the devil.


    what Reply:

    @diane, this post is ignorant on so many levels


    Ojie Reply:

    @meme, true. He looks like a stupid junkie. He needs some food in him. He should come back to Nigeria and have some nice eba and pounded yam. Still incredibly talented though.


  2. Brian

    What the ?! This was so boring…


  3. Trey

    This was garbage! He had a very bad mood, did nothing special… his career is coming to the end slowly


    diane Reply:

    @Trey, i see the devil still has her demons working to destroy him. She wont ever give up. That is when you know you are dealing with true evil.

    Resist the devil and she will flee, BUT give her a helping hand and lift her up, to take you down.


  4. A.

    what’s the release that?


    A. Reply:

    @A., release date. sorry


  5. LevelNexter

    Clearly, you can see there was something bothering Chris. His notes were EVERYWHERE…..definitely not one of his best performances…

    However, I still think he is a great artist.


  6. Dave

    It is VERY clear that the media is trying to bring Chris down. He’s trying to promote MUSIC unlike so many other “artists” nowadays *cough*miley*cough* but these interviewers are always looking for gossip!

    It’s a shame what the industry is doing to him. And its being reflected in his image and performances. He makes consistently good music. That is all that should matter.


    summer Reply:

    @Dave, I really agree with your comment, he was trying to make it bout his music, and they was trying to go elsewhere with it. The focus should have been on the music, the reason for him performing. Even when he tries to do good as far as his music and other things, the media and the naysayers constantly want to focus on the negative, when are they going to let this man live?


  7. arno

    that was painful to watch…he clearly isn’t a 100%


  8. from france

    After seeing Justin Timberlake at the VMAs , i of course can’t appriciate this a 100 per cent.

    at the begining of his career, he set the bar higner than what Usher or JT did before. now he has to hold the good level in EVERY performance he’s giving! he has no choice…

    ADVICE : He should stop smoking. If he wants to be the king od rnb, he has to work. We have nothin without working chris …at

    and i’m his number 1 fan…


  9. randu

    chris is fading away, literally


  10. Tesa



    lexi Reply:

    @Tesa, Are you really blaming his problems on Rihanna. He’s a grown ass man who did this to himself. He needs to go away for the rest of the year and get it together. Starting with removing all the leeches he has around him.


  11. Marcus

    Chris is a BLOOD now Y’all


  12. damit

    Nothing wrong with the performance or the way he looks, he answered the questions, he was trying to keep the focus on his music. You people that are not fans of Chris will always shoot him down no matter what he does. When it comes to this guy and this site, the only thing some of yall want to do is compete with who is going to be the first to post some negative shit, yea, if the guy was to go to the bathroom to take a shit, it will be some negative bull about that too. Keep it forward CB!


    someone Reply:

    @damit, Funny! I mean, Chris Brown has never, to me been big as far as muscles and weight, to me, he has always looked tall and little. The industry is full of people with tattoos. For someone who has been going through in past couple of weeks what he has, I thought he looked fine. Liked the performance though!


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