Mavado and Nicki Minaj Shoot ‘Give It All to Me’ Video

Mavado and Nicki Minaj

Mavado brought some Caribbean flavor to New York while shooting the video for his single “Give It All to Me.” The Jamaican star was joined by his collaborator Nicki Minaj and We the Best boss DJ Khaled on set on Thursday.

The sexy rap diva was decked out in a black wig and flowery Dolce&Gabbana top as she shot scenes in front of a Lamborghini. She also filmed two ladies twerking on set, sharing the video with her fans on Instagram.

“The world a say #giveitalltome video shoot was amazing gully love @nickiminaj,” tweeted Mavado.

Peep some behind-the-scenes pics below.

Photo credit: Instagram

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  1. 2bad2bme

    girl by the time she come out with her own new music no one will care because they will be tired of her already from being in everybody else’s songs and videos


    TheQueenIsHere Reply:

    @2bad2bme, Everyone was saying that the first time but… 2 platinum albums later….


    Andy Reply:

    @2bad2bme, ugh… you’re so dumb. You think every person in America know about her features? Half her features didn’t made such a huge impact on radio so please sit and wait. Also, by the time the album will be coming she won’t do more features (probably).


  2. jayjay

    In love with this vibe


  3. jayjay



  4. ,.

    can’t wait to watch it.


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  6. Imma Sorry

    But Mavado is fugly az$ ni9g3r



    It’s true too many lame features! There used to be a time when you waited for her feature and she delivered a “monster” verse!! It’s obvious the R’n’B features are for money and album for pop, commercials, fragrances etc.


  8. diane

    Nicki is getting better and better since that Mariah incident, and it shows in her personality and work.

    I dont know why we dont hear more good reggae music. Everyone loves it. Snoop Dogg needs to leave that music to the caribbeans. His reggae is too crappy to even talk about.


    channel_ROMAN Reply:

    @diane, Mariah really tried it. I can’t stand that stale faced old lady. She swears she’s better than everybody.


  9. BadBitch Syndrome

    Onika is going back to what she was doing b4 her first album, YES all these features are too much but its not her fault that people want the queen on a song. Plus its not her job to know when these songs get released to the public. thats how you end up getting multiple features of her on songs within a matter of weeks.

    With nic doing all these features she gets paid, n that money funds her album which means better features n better producers for songs.


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  11. keishelle

    I cant wait to see this video,lolll mavado is rell fucking ugly and nicki is sooooo preedy…….only want to see this video because of nicki minaj……….let mavado hull he nigarish ugly mother cunt lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll


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