Video: K. Michelle – ‘The Right One’

K. Michelle

K. Michelle unleashes her fury in the video for “The Right One,” the second single off her debut Rebellious Soul. After she finds her man cheating, the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star cooks up some ratchet payback.

The Juwan Lee-directed clip co-stars Chi-Ali and picks up where “V.S.O.P.” left off. A scorned K is seen burning her man’s clothes as she toasts marshmallows on the sidewalk.

“She’s caught her man cheating for the last time and she’s over it,” explained Lee of the concept. “But she drives off, her friend keeps her from doing something crazy. She comes here to reconcile everything.”

Watch her get some sweet revenge.

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  1. bibi93

    Good rnb


  2. Shad

    My fav is doing her thing. Omg I’m so proud of her, the fact that I had a chance to interview this amazing woman was a wonderful feeling.


  3. kate

    this girl is ugly but she has talent


  4. Antonio DeJoyce



  5. poe

    i love it! song and video!


  6. above-par

    I thought she was about to pull her wig off at 3:25


    JD Reply:

    @above-par, I’m laughing because I didn’t even need to check the time stamp & I know exactly what you’re talking about.


  7. Tia

    Love your CD point blank it goes from my car to my house everyday…you keep it real K.Michelle! Hope god continue to bless u in everyway in everything you do!


  8. Girl Bye

    JR Smith eat your eat your heart out…lol


  9. Song Not Included

    This song did not come with the Itunes album.


  10. YesSir

    She has created a new genre of music. R&B: Rachet and Blue. Love her


  11. JD

    I’m not a fan of this video but I still love the song & the voice.


  12. fa

    this rachet style and make up and extentions mania needs to stop.
    There is no difference between Ru Paul and the average black woman in the music scene when it comes to styling and fashion sense.
    With a voice and talent like that she needs to slow it down on the drag queen make up, over the top hair and low class dresses and titties out!
    Less is more.
    There is better examples of smart sexy and talented women in the past and present that new singers should aspire to mimic!
    This shit is too funny!
    The style and the fashion should underline the music and its message, not play an entirely different cord!
    Plus: When was the last time I have seen a black entertainer that used the ‘real skin color’ foundation????
    Why try to be white/light skinned when we have Iman, Naomi and Alek Wek?
    This foolishness needs to stop!


  13. chicken Loverr

    kate girl bye u ugly and she look better then u!


  14. chicken Loverr

    k i love u don’ listen to the haters


  15. chicken Loverr

    No Period K.m Pretty So Chill TFF /


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