Video: R. Kelly f/ 2 Chainz – ‘My Story’

R. Kelly

Started from the bottom, now he’s here. R. Kelly celebrates his journey from being broke to sleeping in Versace shirts in the viral video for “My Story.” The montage clip features footage of the R&B veteran on the road, performing sold-out shows, and in the studio, with scenes from his native Chicago.

The 2 Chainz-assisted song is set to appear on his upcoming album Black Panties, due in December.

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  1. udontneedtoknow

    for day 1 fans, this video is TRASH!!! R Kelly has used us to GREAT visuals!

    this is garbage to me!


  2. crimsonrednupe

    The last few albums are something that is unaccustomed to me as a fan of R. Kelly. In an effort to compete with what’s on the radio, I feel he has allowed his musical production and artistry to falter. I no longer can close my eyes and paint a picture to the lyrics, his old music gets more play than his latest work. I will never down anyone for what they do, but I will say, it does not compare. Get back to being the one who does it right. To hell with court and all that other stuff back then; get back to you before the blunts and hard dude from chi town. Let them be that. When you’re a leader, your supposed to lead, not follow. Get back to R.Kelly!!! #crn#


  3. D. kellz

    The video is so-so I’m a die hard kells fan and will always be now as for his last two albums I loved both love letter and write me back now yes they were not typical r. Kelly albums as in baby making music but he also explained they would be a tribute to sam cooke and other old school artist who influenced him as a kid and I loved those last two albums. Now as for my story I like the song and I know he will bring the heat on this album. And r. Kelly has nothing more to prove and not nor has he lost his mojo as everyone keeps saying. How many times do we say this about every artist. But he will always be the King Of R&B no matter what.


  4. getalongwithtimepeoplethisnot90

    I hope you all understand this is viral video right, I hope you all know what it means, hopefully


    D. kellz Reply:

    @getalongwithtimepeoplethisnot90, I do and I meamt to write about that in my post. I get carried away when I see nonsense people write over and over.


  5. TK

    you realize this the same guy who wrote I believe I can fly.. I have let allot of shit slide man.. pissing on a 16 year old girl.. pissing on my childhood memories.. but this.. this is an outrage.. this is blasphemy.. oh what am I saying look at wayne’s dedication 5.. you know you something is wrong when “lil chuckee” verse bodies the mixtape.. a sad day for hip-pop..


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