Tamar Braxton Performs Medley on ‘GMA’

Tamar Braxton and parents

Tamar Braxton returned to “Good Morning America” to celebrate the release of her new album Love and War. With her parents, husband Vince, and three-month-old son Logan by her side, she kicked off Tamartian Week by performing a medley of “Love and War,” “The One,” and her new single “All the Way Home.”

It took her about a year to record the album. “I feel like it’s my best work yet,” Tamar told Robin Roberts. “Last season of ‘Tamar & Vince,’ in our relationship, we went through a lot. I like to say this is the soundtrack to our relationship, Love and War.”

The album is now available on iTunes, while the new season of “Tamar & Vince” premieres Sept. 5 on WE tv.

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  1. Issa

    Ms. Evelyn be like – “You a liar!”

    Papa Braxton be like – “And you a dirty lie!”


    Sebastian Reply:

    @Issa, LMFAO, I remember that!


    Shannon Reply:

    @Issa, lol


    brenda Reply:

    @Issa, They have proved that their God is money and they need to stop masquerading around as preachers and spiritual leaders


  2. dumbo

    Oh my WOW… That was amazing… Lo0ve you TAMAR!


  3. D. kells

    Tamar album is very good I got it this morning and I can honestly listen to the whole album. This album was very well produced and I like it very much. Congrats to Tamar


  4. D. kells

    Great album congrats to tamar the whole album is great.


  5. kate

    she is plastic and ugly


  6. beyoncethevampireslayer

    i am in shock. she sounded a hot ass mess. i was expecting her to sound amazing. she sounded terrible. what the hell. and she looked crazy straining for them notes in “all the way home.” lord.


    iceicebaby Reply:

    @beyoncethevampireslayer, she tweeted that her vocal cords were bruised so she couldn’t blow it out of the water like she usually does.


    beyoncethevampireslayer Reply:

    @iceicebaby, oh okay. well that’s making some sense. i wish she would’ve lowered the key of the songs or something so that she wasn’t straining so much because that performance was not good. not at all. just thin vocals flying every-damn-where. smh.


  7. JFB

    I love all these songs she performed but vocally Tamar wasn’t there for me. She usually kills it.


  8. Miss Auka buka

    She did not sound all that good and sounded like she was straining


  9. gotamar

    The band was too loud! As a singer, you should never have to try to out do the band. They must’ve been trying to blow out her eardrums! Either the sound guy was not a professional or the band thought this was their moment!


  10. HEmeHIMfan

    Hearing that she bruised her cords, I understood her strain. Now those notes that she did execute, well goes to show you shes a great singer! That last part though, SHE DID THAT!!


  11. Tajonyx

    as a vocalist myself (trained for 15 years….) This performance was not as horrible as everyone is putting on. Tamar said her vocal chords had two busted veins today but honestly, the breath support was there and every phrase was fluid and supported. Although we all could tell something was wrong, tamar performed better with bruised vocal chords than half these chicks in the industry do after hot tea with lemon + several hours of vocal rest and 8 hours of sleep, so please…..I beg of you all…..HAVE SEVERAL.


    Balenciaga Reply:

    @Tajonyx, Right!!!


  12. Dezjon

    what Tajonyx said !


  13. brenda

    Tamar’s personality just sucks, and really I have not liked this family since the preacher father showed up at his bday party in his alter ego costume of being a pimp, and the mother claims to be so devout but Toni still showed her entire old azz at her concert.


  14. TRP

    Tamar, you tried it with these vocals.


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