Video: Michelle Williams – ‘If We Had Your Eyes’

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams takes a look through the eyes of God in the video for “If We Had Your Eyes,” the first single off her upcoming fourth album Journey to Freedom. In the Derek Blanks-directed clip, the Destiny’s Child singer conveys a powerful message through different stories, with cameos from the song’s producer Harmony Samuels and former DC member LeToya Luckett.

The song was inspired by an actual homeless man. “The homeless person asked [songwriter Al Sherrod Lambert] for some money, so he gave him all that he had,” said Williams. “The homeless man eventually started speaking into him.”

The 33-year-old singer worked mainly with Harmony and Warryn Campbell on the follow-up to 2008′s Unexpected, and has a few treats in store. “I collabed with somebody that people are gonna be shocked about,” she told Rap-Up TV.

Witness the spiritual awakening in the moving visuals.

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  1. worthy

    Michelle is so beautiful love the song


  2. yup



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  4. Twista

    Very cool that LeToya and Michelle are working together, seeing as how Michelle was practically the new LeToya when the “Say My Name” video came out way back when. Long dark hair, chocolate skin, etc. Glad to see they have a strong partnership, if not at least an understanding.


    Bobby Reply:

    @Twista, Agreed man, it is totally awesome. I think its amazing how DC as a whole is very supportive of one another past or present.

    The video was really good in my opinion, it told the story of the song in a very cool way. This type of music isn’t my thing but I did check it out because I think Letoya is one of the finest chicks out there .. man oh man is she hot.


  5. Kyle

    She looked amazing in that black dress towards the end of the video. Michelle is talented and I hope she does well with this project.


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  8. Free Spirit

    Michelle Williams is so beautiful and I love “If We Had Your Eyes” video!!! It’s so good to see Michelle and LeToya friendship display a beautiful sisterhood and have moved on from the past. I LOVE IT!!!


  9. elyslays

    Praise Him! Slayyy Tenitra.. and Letoya too.. WERK JESUS~!!!


  10. bibi93

    Very good!!


  11. V

    Michelle is Incredibly soulful and beautiful! Great video with an even greater message!!! Letoya looked great!


  12. mal

    very nice


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