Big Sean, Juicy J Debut in Top 5

Big Sean and Juicy J

It was a big week on the charts for hip-hop as Big Sean and Juicy J both scored top 5 debuts.

The G.O.O.D. Music MC’s sophomore album Hall of Fame enters at No. 3 on the Billboard 200, selling 72,000 copies in its first week, according to Nielsen SoundScan. The sales were less than his 2011 debut Finally Famous, which opened at No. 3 with 87,000.

Juicy J takes it from the strip clubs to the charts with Stay Trippy. The album, which features the hit “Bandz a Make Her Dance,” comes in at No. 4 with 64,000, marking his best sales week and highest-charting album. The Three 6 Mafia member’s previous best was 2002′s Chronicles of the Juice Man: Underground Album, which peaked at No. 93.

Thanks to their VMA performances, Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines moves up to No. 5 with 55,000 and Justin Timberlake’s The 20/20 Experience jumps 22-6 with 37,000.

Rounding out the top 10 is TGT with Three Kings, which falls 3-10 in its second week (27,000).

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  1. wonderland19

    Big Sean should have done ALOT better. I was thinking 150K first week off the hype of ‘control’. Hopefully, this will eventually go plat.


    what Reply:

    @wonderland19, control gave buzz to Kendrick. people forgot Big Sean was even on the song
    why would that song help him?


    Ice Reply:

    @wonderland19, Control’s not even on the album though. The hype doesn’t matter if people can’t buy it.


  2. Smart

    Dis album is terrific. The indication that people don’t buy albums is becoming clear more


  3. Smart

    Dis album is terrific. The indication that people don’t buy albums is becoming clear more.


    FactChecker Reply:

    @Smart, Nah people bought Roman Reloaded, shit the Re Up did almost as good and that was the same album with 3 more songs.


    channel_ROMAN Reply:

    @FactChecker, It wasn’t 3 it was 7. 8 if you didn’t get the Deluxe version of Roman Reloaded.


    ROCnation Reply:

    @Smart, album pretty good but his marketing and promotion was pretty bad he was very absent no songs playing on the radio no commercial not enough tv appearances


  4. Well

    Thats Big Sean’s fault. He barely promoted the album. Plus he doesn’t have any big singles out right now. That song beware reached #48 on billbord 100, but its not a strong song, its’ boring. His music is just not that good. His rap skills aren’t that great either. Lets face it, there wasn’t enough buzz over the album. The Good Music group is lame anyways esp Kanye West


  5. Thedocumentary

    I thought it’d sold more tho. People do not buy cd anymore for sure. Even rapper Game who do not have any single on Billboard for more than 2 weeks sold 86 000 first week even if there was a buzz on the Jesus Piece album tho regarding the covert art.



    Big Sean should have dropped the album last December when Clique, Burn was killing the streets.





  8. ANF

    Its NOT true that ppl dont buy albums. Kendrick did over 200k first week..and so did J.Cole..ASAP’s album leaked a whole month before release and still did over 100k first week…THIS was just a weak ass album..and Not worth the cop..People get the leak, bang it for a week or so,, then when it comes out decide if they wanna buy…that simple!


  9. JHP

    I’m a fan of Sean, I heard the leak and still bought the album, and while it’s not quite what I thought it was gonna be and definitely not a classic, it’s still an overall good body of work at the end of the day. I hate that it didn’t sell more than just 70k. Besides them being better rappers, I don’t know why it is Sean doesn’t sell as well as Cole & Kendrick, or even A$AP(Sean’s better than A$AP by the way), I guess the fanbase just isn’t as big. Unlike A$AP, Sean didn’t have a “F*cking Problems” type record (that was a hit because of the features though). The singles and promotion for this album weren’t what they should’ve been I’ll admit. If Sean had dropped it closer to when Detroit the mixtape, Mercy, Clique, and the Beiber joint were popping, coupled with some better singles and promotion, he might have sold more. I still think he hasn’t found his footing as far as albums go. Hopefully we will on his 3rd album, and start doing the numbers I think he’s capable of.


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