Video: Ariana Grande – ‘Baby I’ [Sneak Peek]

Ariana Grande

It’s been a big week for Ariana Grande. With her album still holding the No. 1 spot on iTunes, the pint-sized pop star celebrates by dancing in the streets in the feel-good video for “Baby I.” She belts out her breezy hit and performs some choreographed moves with her fashionable friends in the 28-second teaser.

Her debut Yours Truly is expected to enter at No. 1 on the charts next week with 110-115k copies.

Earlier today, she performed “Almost Is Never Enough” with The Wanted’s Nathan Sykes on “Live! with Kelly and Michael.”

Get your fill of Ariana below.

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  1. DRB

    Nice to see she threw in her bit of Fantasy and Someday *rolls eyes*


  2. Timberlake

    Can’t take this Mariah copycat serious! she looks like a child too


    Brandon Reply:

    @Timberlake, ONCE AGAIN, Ariana Grande has gotten underneath the skin of Mariah’s “lambs.” I love it!


  3. Girl Bye

    Nathan Sykes sounds like Usher….I thought Ariana was gonna sell more


  4. wonderland19

    Nathan Sykes has a black man living inside of him! WOWW Truly amazed at how soulful and powerful his voice. He is wasted in ‘The Wanted’. He should go solo and make an RnB album. WOOOW! Beautiful voice.

    Ariana has a beautiful voice but ripping off Mariah Carey vocal runs, vocal style, image and melodies is lazy and quite disrespectful. There is nothing “Ariana Grande” about her DEBUT album. ‘Baby I’ is a JAM because MIMI is all over it. Hopefully this Mariah Carey act will at least help RnB be propelled into the mainstream again.


    Yasmine Reply:

    @wonderland19, LMFAO, ‘disrepectful.’ You’re an idiot. Every R&B singer that comes out with a powerful voice and makes runs is going to be compared to Mariah Carey and how she USED TO SING. So, you’ll stay pressed while Mariah makes another useless #Beautiful remix that no one cares about and brings the total to 95.


    wonderland19 Reply:

    @Yasmine, Firstly, I’m not a idiot.
    Secondly, If you can’t see that she is ripping of another artist then thats fine. The facts are right in front of everyone and whether or not you believe me doesn’t matter. I’m still right and you are still wrong.


  5. Dave

    people need to stop talking about Mariah. Yes their voices are similar, but Mimi hasn’t done anything useful for years. Ariana is making good music and can sing her ass off, people need to cut her some slack.


  6. LaMont

    I can’t wait to see the full video.


  7. Minnie

    She’s just wonderful, I love this girl


  8. Wow

    I love the fact that Ariana can sing LIVE and SOUNDS GOOD singing live. Any artist that can do that has my support.


  9. ocean

    Can I please watch the video of ariana grande-baby i


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