Ariana Grande Sings Broadway Versions of Rap Songs on ‘Late Night’

Jimmy Fallon and Ariana Grande

Following her whirlwind promo tour, Ariana Grande capped off her release week with an appearance on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.” The diva-in-training teamed up with the talk show host to perform a medley of hip-hop songs with a Broadway twist.

Perched on a piano, she belted out Jay Z’s “99 Problems,” Cypress Hill’s “Insane in the Brain,” and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Thrift Shop,” while a wig-wearing Fallon played the keys.

Watch them perform the hits like you’ve never heard them before.

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  1. Morgan

    LMFAO…Jimmy is so stupid. Haha, this was really cute. AG’s album is the bomb!


  2. Adam Baby

    I really want to hit that but I’m 38 years old


    slayoncé Reply:

    @Adam Baby, wtf are you doing on this site.
    nigga u need a hobby.


  3. georgia23

    This was hilarious. lol She can’t be up here singing out explicatives AND be on Nickelodeon!!! lol but I’m not mad and I ain’t tripping. She can SANG.


    Wow Reply:

    @georgia23, Lol. I loved it too. And I agree. Once an artist has been associated with Disney, Nick, etc. it’s hard for others to shake that image of that person and people expect them to act a certain way.But who knows? Maybe she’ll be done with Nick soon.


  4. Sushi

    LOL XD I was expecting to hear her sing “FUCKING” but I laughed when they bleeped it out XD


  5. Cheese

    That goes more for Disney Channel! Nick has a lot more adult subject matter and innuendo anyway.


    Cheese Reply:

    @georgia23 ^


  6. Ice

    What a voice.


  7. bibi93

    Very good


  8. Glamazon

    that censored note had be crying.


  9. Kyle

    THAT VOICE! Wow, she deserves to blow up. She’ll be around for awhile.


  10. JHP

    That was hilarious, and her she’s beautiful in looks, personality, and singing voice, I want to marry her lol. And I would so listen to that version of Thrift Shop over the original haha.


  11. Leona Lewis

    I still think Leona Lewis can out-sing her


    tell'em Reply:

    @Leona Lewis, she’s 10 years her senior. I’d hope so, Ariana isn’t finished growing.


  12. BAWSE

    she stays grinding


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