Lil Wayne Talks Prison, High School, & Health with Katie Couric

Lil Wayne and Katie Couric

Lil Wayne reunites with Miss Katie on the season premiere of Katie Couric’s talk show “Katie.” The Young Money rapper, who was previously interviewed by Couric on “60 Minutes” in 2009, discusses his health, his time in prison, family, and his childhood.

He reveals that his mother pulled him out of high school for his safety. “I had an album out, I was platinum already, and I was still trying to go to public school,” said Weezy. “She saw me getting ready for school one day and she saw me putting my gun in my backpack. She said, ‘You gotta bring that to school with you?’ And I remember I asked her, ‘You don’t want me to bring it?’ She thought about it. She said, ‘I do.’”

So he dropped out of high school, got his GED, and went on to attend college.

He also shared his experience in prison. When asked if the other inmates were excited to see him, he responded, “It’s jail. For the first 20 or 30 seconds, you’re like, ‘Oh my God, that’s really him,’ then the reality of where you’re at clicks right back in.”

The full interview airs Monday, Sept. 9. Watch a couple clips below.

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  1. ChriLaDa

    Cant wait for this interwiew, sounds like he has so many interresting stories to tell!
    Compared to Kanye’s Interwiew…


    JHP Reply:

    @ChriLaDa, I mean, when you look at the woman who was interviewing him, what did you expect? Ye doesn’t do press anymore, he’s tired of people trying to take advantage of his reputation and trying to get him to say something controversial.


  2. ChriLaDa

    Dont really like his new music tho :/


    Weezy Fan Reply:

    @ChriLaDa, of course you dont his new music is complete ass all real wayne fans realize how bad his music has been ever since he got out of prison


  3. ,.

    he doing is thing.


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  6. ♪►Muzzac◄♪

    I’ll be watching this!


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