Behind the Video: Future – ‘Honest’

LeToya Luckett and Future

Future is surrounded by beauty in the video for “Honest.” The Freebandz rapper goes in front of the lens to shoot the visuals for the first single off his upcoming album of the same name. LeToya Luckett plays his leading lady in the Colin Tilley-directed clip, which was shot at a sprawling mansion. His boo Ciara also stopped by the set.

“I’m not a rapper. I’m an artist,” said Future. “I’m bigger than a rapper. I’m an entertainer. I’m a mogul. I’m an executive. I’m a writer. I’m a producer. I’m passionate about the music. I want people to understand that Future is here to stay. I can make hits. I was born to make music.”

His sophomore album Honest arrives Nov. 26. On Sept. 25, he will hit the road with Drake and Miguel on the “Would You Like a Tour?” arena trek.

Go behind the scenes of “Honest” below.

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  1. George

    Can’t wait


    maria Reply:

    @George, He is certainly born to make music. We can never gage our success by where WE think we should be. God works in mysterious ways. He moves on his time table, not yours.

    What Future needs to understand is, that he CANNOT do things the old way any more. He cant hang with the poor people he used to hang with, because he’s on a higher level. It is almost impossible for a poor person NOT to be jealous when their friend moves up way past them. They have nothing in common any more. Resentment builds up. Jealousy is as cruel as the grave and twice as deadly. Never waste your time with a jealous person. It might cost you your life.

    When people move up in the world, they must find

    new friends on their level
    hang out in new places with people on their level

    It is the price of success that everyone has to pay, so

    Give up your old ways Future, or you risk everything you have worked for.


  2. Kyle

    That’s cool that he chose Letoya to be his leading lady. I love her! Her and Ciara used to be pretty tight back in like ’06…


  3. Nick

    Did this song even reach the billboards?


    troof Reply:

    @Nick, released on itunes today


  4. Heather

    No, sweetheart. Prince is an artist. You’re a rapper who uses the fuck out of autotune.


    tell'em Reply:

    @Heather, LOL. Preach..these kids have fascinating imaginations where they believe tuning the hell out of your voice equates to talent and is creative.


    Sprite_P Reply:


    Should’ve went to a post that read “PRINCE behind the scenes”…


  5. tell'em

    I’m only here for LeToya. I hope he did some records for her, because he single-handedly saved whatever career Ciara had left.


    SHAWTY Reply:

    @tell’em, Yet Leyoya Never had a career. babe…her most successful venture was being in Destiny’s Child for a few years and playing in BET’s “The Preacher’s Daughter’….other than that….#SIT


    honest Reply:

    @SHAWTY,LIES, Letoya is the only DC Member besides bey with a #1 album & Platium,2nd album gold. Her single have place higher on the charts than Kelly & Michelle, She stars in plenty of movies beside Pk, Note to Self, From the Rough, Killers w/ ashton Kutcher, Treme HBO Series, Centric Culture List and new Single Ladies. Get your facts right a check a check. she might not be doin much in music at the moment but very successful in the entertainment industry.


    UbettaWERK Reply:

    @honest, thank you! These heauxs be coming for Toya and don’t even be knowing what they talking bout. Anyway Letoya is the only reason I’m even remotely interested in this sweet baby Future’s record.


  6. al

    @UbettaWERK @ Honest. U 2 betta preach!


  7. iSpeakTruth

    @Tellem But how did he save Ciara’s career when mike will made it n they both wrote it?

    If u gonna say he saved ciara u also gotta say he’s gettin exposure becuz of ciara ….ppl outside of hip hop know him becuz if her not his songs he doesnt have that many certified hits (3 top 40′s top ciara’ 13)nor has his album ever gone gold magazines nor huge blogs would never mention him if he weren’t dating her so byyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Relationships r supposed to bring out tha best in you n both ppl are supposed to compliment each other


  8. LJWayne

    Anyone who has an open mind and an appreciation of creative art would hear the range of Future’s music and reconize an artist not rapper. GOD blessed Future with gifts that he must reconize and appreciate. The way he tries new creative styles shows his commitment to maximizing his gifts. The number of hits he has in such a short period of time proves his commitment to grow even more. If at this point he has yet to produce art that moves you in a good way, at least give positive credit that he is making happen the “American Dream” that he has determined for himself. Something that WINNERS respect. Personally I enjoy his music. Expecially KARATE CHOP and HONEST! Im looking forward to seeing him perform live in Concert. Its going to be an entertaining ride to follow his career and watch him grow! After all he has created a hot single that has transcended into a lifestyle movement. IM JUST BEING #HONEST


    maria Reply:

    @LJWayne, Me too


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