R. Kelly Sets ‘Black Panties’ Release Date

R. Kelly

Black Panties are flying onto shelves this November. R. Kelly has set a release date for his upcoming album.

The R&B veteran’s 12th album will arrive on Nov. 11, he announced during a listening session in Atlanta over the weekend (via Billboard).

“If you can take tragedy and turn it into triumph, that’s when you’ve reached the zenith of a true champion,” said Kellz. “Don’t mean to be too deep but this shit is real. I didn’t run under a rock and go over here or there. I stayed focused. And I’m more focused than ever.”

Black Panties marks the follow-up to his 2012 album Write Me Back. In July, he debuted the first single, “My Story,” featuring 2 Chainz.

“My story is all of this: sex, money, broke, women, clubs, and even church. It’s all of those things mixed up into one,” he explained. “I’m not afraid of it, I understand it is the nature of life. This gift I have is a beautiful disease and I’m glad I got it.”

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  1. Nick

    Don’t understand why “My Story (Feat. 2 Chainz) never made the Top 100 Billboards KMT


    King Reply:

    @Nick, not enough promotion & weak video. That was the reciepe.


    brenda Reply:

    @King, I havent heard him on radio in ages, and it sucks.

    I buy everything he puts out. Ciara, Chris Brown, R Kelly are the most major talents of today and they are constantly attacked by jealous satanic forces.


  2. Grant

    The devil is so busy, I swear….


  3. D. kells

    I can not wait for this album to come out. Kells has always and will always be a legend in the game simply making music for the love of it. The King Of R&B and after 25 years in the game says a lot about this man when it comes to producing and writing for not only legends but for many artist we love today not only R&B artist but a lot more genres of music. I respect this mans work and may only God judge him when it comes to anything else. But he was blessed with a musical genius when it comes to singing live and making classic albums from the 90′s freaky albums to the classic albums which he paid tribute to Sam Cooke on his last two albums. Kells you will forever be The King Of R&B.


  4. Raaaandy

    fuck, I love R with his teenage dressing and puberal swetting, looks like he’s doing some teenage coke, you can’t hate him.


  5. Raaaandy

    yes, love his teenage dresstyle (a 46 year old man with a childs backpack) and puberal swetting, can’t hate him, looking forward!


  6. Meeem

    I’m just gonna expect nice melody from him.. Nothing more, nothing less


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