Tracklisting: Miley Cyrus – ‘Bangerz’


Miley Cyrus set a record for the most views on VEVO in 24 hours with her latest video for “Wrecking Ball.” So she kept her promise to her fans and unveiled the tracklisting for her upcoming album Bangerz.

Due Oct. 8, the star-studded 13 tracks include the hit singles “We Can’t Stop” and “Wrecking Ball,” plus collaborations with Britney Spears, Nelly, Future, Big Sean, and French Montana.

On the production side, the 20-year-old singer enlisted Mike WiLL Made It, Pharrell, Da Internz, Planet VI, Stacy Barthe, and Sam Hook.

“I had no preconceived ideas w/ this record,” said Miley. “The album revealed its name about 8 songs in when I realized we got [nothing] but #bangerz.”

She will release the tracklisting for the deluxe edition once “Wrecking Ball” reaches No. 1 on iTunes.

See the Bangerz lineup below.

UPDATE: The deluxe tracklisting has been revealed. It includes the Pharrell-produced tracks “Rooting for My Baby” and “On My Own,” plus a collaboration with Ludacris.

Bangerz Tracklisting

1. “Adore You”
2. “We Can’t Stop”
3. “SMS (Bangerz)” feat. Britney Spears
4. “4X4″ feat. Nelly
5. “My Darlin’” feat. Future
6. “Wrecking Ball”
7. “Love, Money, Party” feat. Big Sean
8. “Get It Right”
9. “Drive”
10. “FU” feat. French Montana
11. “Do My Thang”
12. “Maybe You’re Right”
13. “Someone Else”

14. “Rooting for My Baby”
15. “On My Own”
16. “Hands in the Air” feat. Ludacris

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  1. tripper882

    Interesting… definatly commercial fanbase blackmail “release” deluxe tracklisting when reach #1, what has the industry come to?


  2. kate

    i dont care


    Deejay Reply:

    @kate, Yes you do babe. That’s why you’re here : )


  3. Truth

    Once the song reaches #1 on itunes u will release the tracklisting from the deluxe edition and why should ppl give a flying 2 shits??? Her album deserves to flop. She sold her soul for fame illuminati puppet go to hell.


    lollygags Reply:

    @Truth, then y r u here bruh


  4. Nick

    wasn’t she supposed to have juicy j and a song with tyler the creator and mary j blige too????


    channel_ROMAN Reply:

    @Nick, I guess they’re holding it for something else. Where’s the Nicki feature tho?


  5. Albert

    I don’t like her


  6. bobs

    it is #1 on itunes. looks awesome.


  7. Jlinz

    cant wait for this! dying to here that britney collab.


  8. JoJo

    Miley Cyrus really needs to stop. You look a mess and the naked in the video.
    COME ON!



  9. bibi93

    can’t wait!!


  10. SoloSoul

    her album is gona flopp


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