Video: Tyler, the Creator – ‘WOLF’ [Trailer]

Tyler, the Creator

Tyler, the Creator directs and stars in the movie WOLF, which is also the title of his latest album. In the 55-second trailer, his alter ego Wolf Haley lights up a cigarette and watches as his goons beat up a kid on a bike, but when we get a closer look, we see that it’s Tyler.

The Odd Future frontman has dreams of winning an Academy Award for his directing. “SINCE I DIDNT GET A VMA NOM IM FIGHTING FOR AN OSCAR ONE DAY WHO KNOWS THO ILL GET BETTER AS I GET OLDER,” he said.

An alternate version of his WOLF track “Rusty” can be heard as the soundtrack.

Tyler will bring his OFWGKTA Carnival back to L.A. for the second year on Nov. 9 with Frank Ocean and Mac Miller.

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  1. carlos

    so sick you dont even understand



    @carlos, co.


  2. marge

    odd future are gonna run ish soon


  3. Oly



  4. Andre

    RAP UP take notes:
    Sam (Tyler in the green beanie character) is beating up Wolf (the Tyler on the ground). It goes along with the story in the album, Sam beats up Wolf cause Wolf is seeing his girlfriend (Salem).
    You’re welcome!


    carlos Reply:

    @Andre, they never listen


  5. Deangelo

    OMG!OMG!OMG! Sorry for sounding like a girl but I screamed at the top of my lungs


  6. Nefeli

    CORRECTION! Samuel is the one with the cigarette, and Wolf Haley is the one on the ground. :) Each are alter-egos of Tyler, and Sam is having Wolf get the shit knocked out of him, because when he found out his girl and Wolf were by the lake, he got pissed.
    So he said he was going to kill him and long story short: The movie is based off of (possibly) ALL three albums of Tyler’s. See, Wolf is actually the first album, if you put them in order by storyline, then Bastard, and Goblin comes last.


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