New Music: Lupe Fiasco – ‘Peace of Paper/Cup of JAYZUS’

Peace of Paper/Cup of JAYZUS

Lupe Fiasco continues to drop free music for his fans. On “Peace of Paper/Cup of JAYZUS,” the Chi-town rapper name checks his peers include Drake, Odd Future, Kanye, and Hov, while addressing his place in the industry.

“Critics say I fell off/ I acknowledge a slip/ But what you call falling from space into a bottomless pit,” raps Lupe.

He is also planning to release “Crack” featuring Chris Brown as the first single from his upcoming album Tetsuo & Youth.

Listen to his 7-minute rap below.

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  1. dodo

    I seriously think dude is having a mental breakdown.


    The Crowd Updater Reply:

    @dodo, why, because he’s not rapping about bitches, dranks, strip clubs, twerking, and money? Granted, dude fell off when he started with his crazy bullshit online and what have you. But this song is just sick word play. Associate the meltdown with his other shit. Not the song tho


  2. jared nelson

    this song go hella hard


  3. Anonymous

    I like this. You have to listen to it more than once or twice to hear and understand all that he’s saying. I like that he didn’t use any curse words too. However sometimes you can miss your audience by over using a bunch of double meanings especially over a 7 min. record. Either way, I can respect Lupe for this.


  4. bulletooth

    I can dig it.


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