Prince Sends Janelle Monáe a Singing Telegram

Janelle Monáe

Prince is singing Janelle Monáe’s praises—literally. In honor of the release of her album The Electric Lady, the pop icon surprised the singer by sending a singing telegram to her dressing room. A man serenaded her with Prince’s lyrics and a bouquet of flowers.

Prince rewrote the lyrics to his song “Kiss” as a tribute to Monáe: “You don’t have to be rich to be Monáe/ You don’t have to be a witch with a broom of hay/ Ain’t no particular rhyme that you need to say/ You just need a copy of Janelle’s Electric Lady.”

An surprised Janelle was overcome with emotion. “Thank you, Prince. I just wanna cry,” she said.

Prince is featured on “Give Em What They Love,” a cut off Janelle’s new album The Electric Lady.

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  1. Dave

    YAS! I love her. She deserves all the love she gets. Such a talented artist, quality individual, and brilliant woman.


  2. Jackie Rayne

    Super sweet of Prince to send her singing telegram and he remixed Kiss! I love it! I didn’t know who Janelle really was until last year and I’m loving every second of her music. The young woman is talented! Keep up the good work! I’m jealous, I wish Prince would write for me lol.



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