Tamar Braxton Readies Christmas Album

Tamar Braxton

Hot on the heels of her chart-topping debut, Tamar Braxton is getting into the holiday spirit. The R&B diva has announced her very first Christmas album.

The seasonal set will arrive on Oct. 22 and finds Tamar putting her own spin on holiday classics. She has also recorded some original tunes and plans to add some “swagger and soul” to Christmas.

Just this week, her album Love and War debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 and No. 1 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart with 114,000 copies.

On Oct. 20, she will hit the road with John Legend on his “Made to Love” tour.

Braxton isn’t the only R&B star with a Christmas album on the way. Mary J. Blige will release A Mary Christmas on Oct. 15 featuring collaborations with Jessie J, Barbra Streisand, and Marc Anthony.

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  1. OnlyChrisJ

    I Can’t Wait For This Tamar Is Slaying!!!


  2. Stan4QB

    *Slaymar Braxton.


  3. Quinn

    ……………ok, Tamar.


  4. dominique

    who does she think she is? she’s no mariah


    Len1975 Reply:

    @dominique, She is Tamar that is who she is!!! She can sing!!!


  5. keepitreal

    she has a good voice and stuff but I think they r forcing her on us. first the Braxtons reality show, then Tamar&Vince, then Tiny Tonight, then The Real talkshow. now the album and a Christmas album.. I like her, I really do. but it just feels like overkill. I don’t know about her longevity


  6. Bunifah

    Well, I love her but I think this is TOO MUCH dot com


  7. Len1975

    I don’t think it is too much…Everyone else who made it in the industry and made a name for themselves milk their time so why not….Nothing last forever so strike the iron while its hot…


    Bobby Reply:

    @Len1975, Good point indeed but it goes both ways .. you can wait too long and the hype is over people forgot you or you can be too much in people’s faces and peak way too early. (Gaga) ; I think this is too soon .. had the album been released earlier than September then sure .. you are right strike while hot but December is only 3 months away so how many more regular singles is she gonna put out before she promotes the x-mas one? I don’t think she (or anyone in this sales climate) can pull in strong numbers for both.


    TRP Reply:

    @Len1975, Exactly. They are trying to keep Tamar relevant…while her shows are still airing, and while people are still interested.
    People fail to realize in took Rihanna 3 albums in 3 years to make people see her potential and take to her. Now her quick releases have become apart of her career.


  8. TRP

    As long as she has a record with Toni on it, so I can compare vocals…..


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