Kanye West’s ‘Black Skinhead’ Remix with Miley Cyrus Sounds ‘Crazy’

Kanye West and Miley Cyrus

A Kanye West-Miley Cyrus collaboration is indeed coming your way. Producer Mike Will Made-It has confirmed that the two have recorded a remix to “Black Skinhead.”

Following the VMAs last month, the rap superstar and pop princess hit the studio. “We went to the studio with Kanye, so we went right back to work. We watched the VMAs a little bit then went straight to the studio,” Mike Will told MTV News’ Sway Calloway.

The song is nearing completion. “We’re all working on that and it’s about done, we’re touching the beat up a little bit,” said the “We Can’t Stop” hitmaker. “It sound crazy.”

So what did ‘Ye think of Miley’s VMA performance? “He told her that she did right too,” said Mike. “‘Ye is somebody who understands it. People that understand it aren’t gonna have anything too negative to say about the performance.”

According to Page Six, the “Black Skinhead” remix will appear on a remix EP that will be released later this year.

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  1. Nate

    There’s nothing to “understand” about Miley’s performance. Even she admitted that there very little thought behind.

    I’m tired of these pretentious, fake-deep fools talking about how people don’t “understand” something, but then refuse to enlighten us and elaborate on the meaning.

    You’re just bluffing; it means nothing, except that Miley is hungry for attention, and to borrow Kanye’s words from his Pusha T rant, a “culture vulture.” Why is Kanye working with her then? Because he’s a sell-out and a contradiction.


  2. Speechless

    How come we never see him promoting and talking about the black artists he works with this much? It seems Mike Will wont shut up about her. This is getting to be a bit much.


    Nate Reply:

    @Speechless, There’s a rumor going around that he’s dating Miley… which I’m starting to believe.


  3. Realistically

    She should just go by the name “Cyrus.” It sounds edgier, which fits her ‘upgraded’ image.


    troof Reply:

    @Realistically, or Molly just to piss white ppl off


    Tev Milli Reply:

    @troof, LMAO….
    That’s all I got 2 say


  4. Chloé Magnolia

    Classic. Now they paint those who criticized her performance off as simple civilians who “just won’t understand”.

    I’m not going to trick myself into thinking that this collaboration has potential, but I will check it out when it’s out just to make sure…


    channel_ROMAN Reply:

    @Chloé Magnolia, You’re on every Miley post.


  5. diane

    I’m sick of Kanye writing all this race music, when he has a mixed race daughter now. Seems he encouraging rascism.


  6. Quest

    Well, what little respect I had for him just flew out of the window. Fuck them both.


  7. Tim

    Kanye isn’t the same anymore. I find him hypocritical, illogical, irritating.. I could go on for days, but after he released My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy it all just went left. College Dropout is still my shit thoe..

    As for Miley Cyrus.. Two Words: HOT MESS!
    I know Billy Ray Cyrus’s redneck ass is heated after them VMA’s..


  8. Crystal

    Honestly i get that Miley wants to break out of that “disney” image but seriously, there has to be a smarter way to do it. The music is good, but her overall image and behavior is like ‘WTF’ and shadows her music…now as far as Kanye, i haven’t been fully down with him since probably 808′s and heartbreak. I like a few songs here and there but I don’t know man i can’t get with the “i’m a god” artsy Kanye. That’s just me.


  9. ThisSomeBS

    I guess because he mentioned the words “white woman” on the track, he figured that was the proper incentive to recruit Molly, I mean Miley.

    It’s only “acceptable” because these artists are making it that way. They’re passing her around as a prop because she’s hot right now…

    when she sheds this image and gets her a Diane Sawyer/Katie Couric interview and claims mental exhaustion or pressure, white America will be right back at her side and she’d have walked away with millions off the black profitability by then in her *right* state of mind. smh FOH, Kanye.


  10. midgetporn

    biiitch PUH-LEEEEEZE !
    give it a f’kn rest ….lol


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