New Music: Lorde – ‘Team’


Lorde has become a favorite of critics and music fans alike with her Love Club EP and breakout single “Royals,” which has spawned remixes from The Weeknd and Gilbere Forte. Now the 16-year-old New Zealander (check her cover of Kanye West’s “Hold My Liquor”) debuts the fantastic follow-up “Team.”

“I’m kinda over getting told to throw my hands up in the air/ So there,” she sings over the crashing, synth-heavy beat.

She was in Paris when she decided to release the song. “every street we drive down makes my eyes pop with the most incredible things carved in stone, and gilded on pillars, and wrought with metal; the heroes and heroines of this city aren’t so hard to find,” she wrote. “this song’s are a little more mismatched, less classic courtesans on their pedestals, but nonetheless brilliant. this song is kinda of that world, and at the same time, very much of this one. enjoy.”

On Sept. 30, she will release her EP Pure Heroine featuring “Team.”

Find out why everyone is singing Lorde’s praises.

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  1. Os

    this is the chick that showed nicki love,she shouted her out in that interview,i wouldn’t even know her if she didn’t shout nicki out…she got skills i check her songs out she is talented,i didn’t even new she remixed one of kanye..i am a fan of kanye too but i don’t fallow him like how i do Nicki so mybe thats why i miss the remix…but like i said before this chick have talent.


  2. Illmatic



  3. Ice

    PLEASE continue to post about this girl Rap-Up, she is the next huge thing.


  4. Raven-Symone

    I like her but sometimes she sounds like she is trying to be Lana Del Rey. But she is doing big things and wow I didn’t know she was only 16 good for her.


    But... Reply:

    @Raven-Symone, Lana del Rey sings about relationships while Lorde sings about real life. Ppl also need to take into consideration that her voice isn’t all the way developed, I mean.,…SHE’S ONLY 16!






    Lorde For A Grammy!!!!



  7. JoJo

    Love her & totally agree Rap-up please keep posting


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