The Weeknd Performs on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

The Weeknd

The Weeknd turned up the heat in Hollywood while making his U.S. television debut on Thursday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

Following the release of Kiss Land on Tuesday, the Toronto singer hit the outdoor stage to perform a mini concert for fans including his Kiss Land cut “Pretty.”

The album is on track to sell 90-95,000 copies in its first week.

Meanwhile, The Weeknd continues to sell out shows across the country on “The Fall” tour, which wraps Oct. 20 in Toronto.

Check out his seductive set below.

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  1. Cheese

    His hair is crazy.


  2. kate

    my boy


  3. carlos

    i think people are lying when they say they like his new album
    he has SOME decent songs on there but not one of them really stands up against “What You Need”, “Rolling Stone” or “Same Old Song”
    but then again we all have different opinions so whatever


    Garrett Reply:

    @carlos, Dude, Im sick of the random people starting to say “his music isnt like his old stuff” (whiny voice). Ive been a fan of his since house of balloons first dropped and Im just glad to see that this guy has made it! Kissland is different sure. But everyone of his mixtapes were different from each other as well. Kissland is number 1 on Itunes and he just performed on Jimmy Kimmel….sooo take your opinion and shove it up your ass. XO til we overdose!!


  4. Noooo Mon

    This album was washed. Lets keep it 120%…and that’s no hate. i listened with an open mind anddddd it just did nothing for me.


  5. Janet Chambless

    His album is amazing…he is a very talented musician. I love Abel! I support him to the fullest! Kiss Land is new music,a different experience in his life. It can’t always be about the same thing. As he gets older his music will change. Then again everyone has their own opinion. I say he is a genius! #XO


  6. Rich

    Incredible Talent! He deserves success!


  7. Liam

    As with his other albums this one is a grower. I’ve been listening to it for a while and the first few times I thought he’d fucked it all up. After a week or so it started to make sense and come to life. To me this is as good as his mix tapes. I hated them to start with but now they’re considered some of my favourite albums to date.


  8. Nae

    This album wasnt washed.


  9. Rachel

    Shoutout to the white people & Asians buying his album ….


  10. Sully

    For those who are saying his album kiss land was wack I must say seriously? What do u be listening to?lol Kiss land is amazing & so is the weeknd Love u Abel


  11. The R

    I agree with sully ^^^^
    Kiss land is amazing he took, his beats, his vocals to a whole nother level. People Must be stuck on 2 chains or lil Wayne opps even he put the weeknd on his Dedication mixtape, Abelz that Breath of fresh air, if u don’t think so hold ur breath n see what happens!


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