Bruno Mars Takes ‘Treasure’ to the Streets

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars lives the rock star life even when he’s not on stage. The smooth singer turned a simple trip to the liquor store into a production and documented the entire thing via a series of hilarious videos on Instagram.

It all started when he went to buy milk. “Out of milk. Off to the market,” tweeted Bruno, who will perform at the Super Bowl halftime show in February.

With a suitcase boombox in hand and his red Dolce&Gabbana suit on, he danced his way out of his garage and down the street while singing his hit “Treasure.” He strut into the local liquor store and grabbed a carton of milk before making his way back home.

Along the way, he pulled out a cardboard “Treasure” sign and spun it around on the street corner as cars drove by.

“If I’m shinin too bright put yo shades on. Drive Smart. Drive Safe #Smafe #BrunoLuhDaStreets,” he wrote.

Watch Bruno bring his moves and swag to the streets.

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  1. Bx

    Ok,no more Off The Wall renditions please, lol. And this song is now a bit old. I really wish he would promote Moonshine’ that should have been the summer anthem. Time to recycle this song.


    Yup Reply:

    @Bx, moonshine actually was released before the album came out but they just never promoted as a single but I agree moonshine is like the best song on the album


    Bx Reply:

    @Yup, Right, since it was never promoted as a single yet, it should have been one. But since Gorilla is getting the push it doesn’t look like that is happening now, cause this is number 4. I liked Treasure more before it was pushed as a single, cause all the techno mixes and cheesey renditions make it sound corny now.


    Hugh Reply:

    @Bx, Maybe he’s saving Moonshine as a post superbowl smash?

    That or young girls or natalie. Three songs better than treaure and gorilla. Anyway…


    Bx Reply:

    @Hugh, yea maybe. I like Natalie too, cause it is an emotional rollercoaster song, something different that all the other singles released.


  2. x

    Lol he’s hilarious. That’s one talented brotha


  3. John



  4. Jessica

    Aww he’s so adorable, I like how he makes fun of himself all the time and he’s very easy going, I would love to hang out with bruno.


  5. Frankie




  6. ohmy

    look like a midget walking around the street


  7. vladica07

    I cant wait to see him live in less than 50 days!!


  8. » Bruno Mars Takes ‘Treasure’ to the Streets

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  9. besopaa

    funny lol


  10. innocencelost

    When I read this article I thought ‘how embarrassing for Bruno, a mess’ but I watched the clips and they were actually quite fun. I’m starting to like him more and more.


  11. LeonRobert

    He’s like Prince — minus the prodigious talent.


  12. Jose

    Awesome to see a BoomCase and bruno!


    Jav Reply:

    Its actually a #ThumperBoombox /


  13. Evan

    Ha this guy is awesome


  14. Blondie Blue

    I LOVE Bruno Mars, but I wish he would give up the swear words. He has way too much talent for that nonsense! He is right on the edge of being a real superstar – time to leave the nonsense for those with less talent.


  15. JD

    He’s so cool.


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