Video: The Weeknd – ‘Pretty’

The Weeknd

Hot on the heels of his No. 2 debut, The Weeknd drops the dark and deadly video for “Pretty,” the latest release from Kiss Land. The Canadian crooner plays a cold-blooded killer who seeks revenge in the Sam Pilling-directed clip, which features nudity and violence.

He touches down in Toronto and makes his way from the airport to his girlfriend’s place in a chauffeured car. When he discovers her in bed with another man, he ends up killing them both.

Watch the tragic end to his love story.

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  1. Manjeo

    Wow!! I did not see that coming!! nice video. The Weeknd on some boss sh*t


  2. kate

    whoa i like it


  3. [email protected]

    XO gangsta shit!


  4. Ice

    DOPE video, but kinda disturbing at the same time.


  5. 1321

    this dude looks ugly but he *thinks he’s good looking


    @KingCoward Reply:

    @1321, ^^^ ROTFL…for some reason that made me laugh hysterically. Something about him seems “off” to me, and maybe that’s what it is.


  6. liyah

    I was not in the mood to see nipples…..


  7. Beej

    Wow I almost didn’t recognize him in the pic. It’s about time he trimmed that scruff on his face. He cleans up nicely if he just keeps the werewolf fur in line.


  8. Billy

    Looks aside.this nigga really can sing.he got the voice that will make a girl’s heart skip a beat.


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