Danity Kane Returns to the Stage at iHeartRadio Music Festival

Danity Kane

After reuniting at the MTV Video Music Awards last month, Danity Kane continued their comeback tour with a visit to the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas on Saturday. Aubrey, Dawn, Shannon, and Aundrea got glammed up and hit the red carpet in color coordinated outfits. They also performed an acapella version of “Damaged” on the outdoor Village stage.

“Wild things happen when @DanityKane does radio,” tweeted Aubrey along with a photo of her showing off her butt during an interview.

The girls were recently in the studio with hitmaking duo Da Internz and are readying their new single “Rage,” produced by the Stereotypes.

Check out more pics of the lovely ladies below.

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  1. Kyle

    Dawn is taking it back to 2006-07 with that look. I like her newer style better personally.


    jane Reply:

    @Kyle, she looks like a gorilla on crack, and her voice sounds like a howling wolf. Rage is going to be a bad influence on teenagers, and no one needs Rage in their home.


    CharlieTheUnicorn Reply:

    @jane, GTFOH, D.WOODS


    TrinaFan Reply:

    @CharlieTheUnicorn, lmao


  2. Realistically

    Whitney Houston? Is that you?


  3. DRB

    They all look great. When did Aubrey go back to being small and less plastic looking? Aundrea in green, why? Shannon, yes yes yes, hi Dawn!





  5. Melanie

    Omg these girls can harmonize! Can’t wait for new music!


  6. Shutterbug

    I wish D. Woods was back among ‘em…I know she likes being solo and independent, but one hundred percent of zero is still zero…


    x Reply:

    @Shutterbug, lol that’s cold


    The Crowd Updater Reply:

    @Shutterbug, SHAAAAADDEEE!!! LOL. But it’s true. Even if being solo is her main goal, ain’t nothing wrong with biting the bullet just to get your name back out there, shit. It’s obvious what’s she’s doing now ain’t working. Unless at some point she rides off their coat-tails and come out soon with some solo shit


  7. ♪►Muzzac◄♪



  8. TrinaFan

    They look great! Can’t wait to hear their new music


  9. LevelNexter

    Whoever was singing lead was reallllly flat.


    zk Reply:

    @LevelNexter, only thing flat here is your ass. they sounded amazingggg


    ♪►Muzzac◄♪ Reply:

    @zk, LMFAO NICE!



    @LevelNexter YAAAASSSSSSSSSS Dass riiiighhht. My. Main. Bitches. of all time ever and always. And i’d like to see yall hatin ass shade throwers get up on stage with 3 other people after 6 years and look any more ferocious. please…. anyone…..
    Heard crickets because they are TRUE talent. They work so much harder for every thing they have and for what they accomplished. I mean where ya’ll record breaking 2 consecutive debut #1 albums. where’s yall comeback…?

    oh crickets? that’s what i thought. just try to enjoy it so we don’t have to listen to you haters nag. critical ass jerks….

    these ladies deserve an apology for all the rude comments. and they deserve a standing ovation for their bravery to get up in front of asses like yall. #danitykane keep doin you. and rock the #RAGE !!! yaaaas bitch


  10. Crystal

    Dawn is giving face YASSSSSS! I love that they got back together…i’ve been waiting for this since Diddy’s stupid ass broke them up. Shannon is killing it with that short cut and so is Ms. Aubrey and Drea hasn’t aged a bit! D Woods was a fool not to get back in the group…she’s been trying to be a “solo artist” since like ’09. Obviously it’s not working…just saying lol



    most amazing comeback in a while. if not ever.

    spice girl reunion was epic but not as amazing as these girls.

    literal Phoenixes rising from the ashes

    thank you for doing what yall do for the fans.

    What amazing thing gonna un
    When amazing hit by a Bad Girl


  12. Lucas

    cadê D Woods ? ta incompleto o grupo sem ela


  13. Jae

    Will you guys cover Danity Kane at the Roseland Ballroom on the 29th


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